Player Gun Factory Tycoon money glitch & cheat Codes

Player Gun Factory Tycoon always takes the gaming world into a different world altogether. Being the largest and popularly known tycoon game on Roblox, you are assured of the many hours of gameplay coupled up with fast and exciting battles against your opponents. It even gets better with the two player modes as you are able to bring a friend on board to help you build a powerful fortress factory and overthrow all your competitors in the battlefield. Note, as you build your tycoon, you are also able to unlock new tools and weapons to use.

This sounds easy, right? I thought so too until I played the game myself. Player Gun Factory Tycoon game is not as easy as you would think. With the difficult and exciting nature of the game you might get killed in the game before you know it. Inasmuch as this helps spice up the gameplay it sometimes is discouraging. It is for this reason why many game hackers have taken it upon themselves to come up with game glitches and cheat codes to help cheat the difficult areas of the game.

Player Gun Factory Tycoon money glitch & cheat Codes

The following are some of the common codes and what they can help you achieve in the game. PS: Use them as they are in the quotation marks.

  1. “10,000,000”   Gives you 100000000,000 at the start of each session
  2. “DiiDU87kJ2″Gives you a Jet Pack
  3. “4564227864”     Gives you jump coil
  4. “Du87SjskE”   Gives you m16
  5. “gEi8Elds3”    Gives you 20 extra Hp and Perks
  6. “c8CkxWxL2”    Gives you Blue Flames
  7. “Du4St12”   Gives you Medi-Kit (when used it gives you full health if standing still.)
  8. “yUd4kd09” +88 speed and +15 Health
  9. “s8bJwU2Nd” Gives you access to twitter bunker located at the bottom of the cliff
  10. “M1n3rsH4v3n” Gives you a Miners Haven flag weapon
  11. “ISawTheAd” Gives you more speed
  12. “Spring4Life” Gives you +10 Speed