Planetbase Cheats – Cheat Engine Cheat Tables

Not every good game is a Triple A affair. Every now and then, you find a diamond in the rough. Something interesting and resource lenient developed by a small studio. This is the concept embodied by Planetbase, a strategy video game that has you establish a human colony and build survival outposts in an alien planet. Even though the game is available on both OS X and MS Windows, we will be addressing the Microsoft Windows version with these Planetbase cheats round up.

To implement Planetbase Cheat Engine cheats, you’ll have to download Cheat Engine. We have done a comprehensive guide that not only give you a download link to the Cheat Engine but also teaches you the basics.

You can check it out here if this is your first time venturing into CE cheat tables. You might even learn how to implement your own game cheats.

planet base cheats cheat engine

Planetbase Cheats Table Content

This cheat table features will not let you meddle with everything in the game but it will give you control over stats and features that matter. Some of the features to expect include:

You can download it here.

  • Daytime finder
  • Maximum wind
  • Max stats
  • Wind changer
  • Force of Wind modifier
  • Unlimited trade
  • Freeze times
  • Set min and Max trader requirements

To use the cheat table, follow the normal game selection and table loading procedure described in our CE introductory guide. After this, you can use any cheat you want. If it is the Max Stats cheat, activate the cheat script by hitting CAPS LOCK with the item you want to affect highlighted.

The stat you are affecting could be Health or integrity. The cheat applies to characters and even damaged structures.

If you are implementing trade-related chats on this table, first place an item on trade before activating the cheat.  You don’t really have to trade. The cheat will activate as long as there’s an item on trade.

All the cheat codes in this table or any other you acquire will only work once you use them. This is so because Planetbase only loads specific code on demand. This is one of the reasons why the game is so light and doesn’t have massive PC hardware requirements.