Pillars of Eternity Cheat Engine

Pillars of Eternity is a great role-playing by Obsidian Entertainment that uses a different approach that makes it very hard to cheat with Cheat Tables. Even though you can still access the memory locations and perhaps make successful changes per swipe, chances are that the table you compile will have tonnes of errors next time you run it.

The game is programmed to generate new memory codes and store them at different places during runtime. This means that a Cheat Engine table might have trouble keeping up with the game since a table tells Cheat Engine to access and modify specific memory locations.

pillars of eternity cheat engine table

How to Use Cheat Engine on Pillars of Eternity

The most reliable way to implement Cheat Engine hacks on Pillars of Eternity is by scanning for values on your own. If you have never done this before, you will find our Cheat Engine Introductory guide to get started.

Once you have Cheat Engine up and running, you can:

  • Load the game and set value type on Cheat Engine to float
  • Buy or sell stuff at the inn and scan for increasing or decreasing values.
  • Keep fine-tuning until you get a handful of values that you can edit and see changes reflected in game to identify what each value represents

Another way would be searching for a fixed change in a value. For instance, if you are interested in XP change, complete a quest and mark the +XP you get. Start by setting your type to 4-byte and start with value =0. Finish the quest and scan for anything that changed by exactly the XP you earned. Edit these values and see what effect they give.

These are the basics of using Pillars of Eternity cheat engine. You can keep experimenting with different resources and values as you go by.

Pillars of Eternity Cheat Engine

Here is a table meant to handle reputation stats, health, disposition, reveal all maps, equip slots, enhancements and more. Note that the table might be plagued with failing features due to the nature of the game. This might make the game freeze or crash at times but they will give you an idea of what other values you can modify in the game