Pathfinder: Kingmaker Cheat Engine Tables

Following the success of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, developer OwlCat Games took to bring the world of Pathfinder to life in a way only a full computer game could, hence the birth of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. However, its isometric design, demanding combat, and roleplaying elements including a choice-and-consequence system might be overwhelming for a casual player. This is why we outline the best Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheat Engine tables to help along with these demanding elements in-game.

Despite Pathfinder Kingmaker lacking a competitive online multiplayer, the cheat tables outlined in this guide should be used at your discretion. This is because, cheating in most games is generally frowned upon by developers, game purists and the community as a whole.

Cheating in competitive multiplayer is a sure way to attract bans on your game account, so it is not even worth it. To understand how to use Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheat tables, check out our introductory guide on all things Cheat Engine. Also, be sure to save a clean version of the game before deploying any of the cheats in this guide in case you ever want to go back to pre-cheat save.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheat Engine Tables

NOTE: Pathfinder Kingmaker’s Steam and GOG versions are similar, and these Cheat Engine Tables will work on both.

Niedzielan’s Table

A modder and expert cheater by the name of Niedzielan has the most comprehensive and frequently updated Cheat Table for Pathfinder Kingmaker as of yet.

His table unlocks the following features in-game:

  • Infinite Skill points spending
  • Godmode, and multiply damage dealt for your party
  • Near Instant Cooldowns
  • Infinite Spell Usage
  • Infinite Ability Usage
  • Countless item charges
  • Disable Friendly fire (especially useful for Area of Effect attacks)
  • Change duration tasks
  • Change duration claims, rank up, upgrades and ruler-away-time events, etc.
  • Infinite item usage
  • Always light encumbrance
  • Never fail quests due to time
  • Never fail events (except for particular ones, still save before testing)
  • Experience multiplier
  • And allow spontaneous casters to copy spells from scrolls.

You can download Niedzielan’s cheat table for Pathfinder Kingmaker from here.

pathfinder kingmaker cheat tables

DrummerIX’s Table

Another modder going by the handle DrummerIX developed a Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheat Table that is worth looking into it if, for some reason, the first one doesn’t work for you.

It unlocks the following features in-game:

  • Damage modifier (Enables god mode)
  • Always light encumbrance
  • Spell use never decreases
  • Abilities don’t use resources
  • Infinite item usage
  • Can always level up
  • Money modifier
  • Character editor (Class levels, Buff and Debuff specific skills, and attributes)

DrummerIX’s Pathfinder Kingmaker Cheat table can be downloaded from here

Now despite Pathfinder Kingmaker being built on the Unity engine, there was no developer console in the final release version of the title which means that there are no console commands for Pathfinder Kingmaker, sadly.

Hopefully, this guide on the best cheat tables for Pathfinder Kingmaker has been helpful in your in-game conquests. For other cheat engine tables and game hacks and cheats check out some of our other game and cheat engine guides. Have fun.