Overcooked Xbox One Hacks, Tips, Tricks and Achievements

Cooking is awesome, and everybody loves food. Well, at least so I think. If this is the case, then you definitely would be at home playing a cooking simulation game, something like Overcooked. Overcooked is an amazing cook simulation from Ghost Town Games that lets you control a couple of chefs in a precarious kitchen. Your goal is to prepare epic meals before you run out of time.

overcooked cheats and hacks

When the pressure mounts, you will come to love the various cheat codes and hacks that will always give you an upper hand in the fast-paced competition. The game is designed to give you a local co-op experience of up to four players making it highly competitive. A couple of cheat codes and knowing the achievements you will get by completing different challenges is all you need to get rolling.

Overcooked Achievements List

  • Best Served Cold (60 points): Complete a kitchen in the Arctic
  • Does not play well with others (60 points): Complete a kitchen in versus mode
  • Overcooked (50 points): Extinguish a burning kitchen
  • All the Trimmings (199 points): Be awarded three stars in every kitchen
  • Hero of Thyme (150 points): Complete Overcooked and save the Onion Kingdom!
  • The Pieces I Ate (sorry) (60 points): Complete a kitchen on a pirate ship
  • Out of this world (150 points): Complete a kitchen in low earth orbit
  • Unlockables: Secret Achievement List
    Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the secret achievement specified.
  • Chef Flambe (150 points): Complete a kitchen of the underworld
  • Meals on Wheels (60 points): Complete a kitchen on the road
  • Lettuce Begin (1 point): Deliver a recipe to the Great and Terrifying Ever Peckish
  • Kitchen Nightmares (60 points): Complete a kitchen in the haunted forest