No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive; Blueprints, Crafting & Upgrading

It goes without saying that the most important things you’ll need to explore the galaxies is a ship that can cover the astronomical distances.  Once you have fixed your very first ship and leapt out of your first planet, you’ll have to find a hyperdrive, Warp Cell Fuel and learn how to use the hyperdrive in No Man’s Sky to begin galactic exploration.

No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Blueprint

To find the hyperdrive blueprints, you will first have to repair your ship and leave the planet. Once you are into space:

  • Respond to the distress signal you get from another planet within the system
  • This signal takes you to a Beacon that will point you to an Outpost that’s generating the signal
  • You will find an alien in trouble. Render help and the alien will give you the Hyperdrive blueprints in return

You can use this to create and hyperdrive and begin exploring the galaxy once you are done. Remember that you will need the crafting material (titanium and antimatter) to use the blueprints.

The hyperdrive blueprint needs:

  • 1 Dynamic Resonator: You can purchase it from a Galactic Trade Terminal
  • 200 Heridium: A blueish Silicate you can mine off planet surfaces. Exists as large dark blue columns

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In case you acquire a new ship without an hyperdrive, you can always go back to the base you bought the new ship and find your old one with hyperdrive capabilities there. You can then dismantle it to recover resources and use them to build a new hyperdrive. Alternatively, you can use your blueprints and material you gather from the worlds you visit to build a fresh drive.

Fueling Your Hyperdrive – where to Get Warp Cells

Warp Cells are the fuel that pushes your hyperdrive. You will use one Warp Cell of Hyperdrive charge every time you make a jump. You will need to gather as much as you can to sustain your journey across the galaxies.

You can get Warp Cells by:

  • Buying them off the Galactic Trade Network
  • Receiving two free Warp Cells with each Atlas Interface you use
  • Crafting them from a variety of components

However, since the Galactic Trade Network rarely has the Warp Cells up on sale and Atlas Interfaces are far apart, you need the Warp Cell blueprint to craft your own fuel on demand.

  • 1 Antimatter (you’ll need to craft this too. Here is a guide on how to get No Man’s Sky Antimatter)
  • 100 Thanium9 that you can find in small red plants on planets or by blasting asteroids

If you got the game on pre-order, the pre-order bonus gave you starships Horizon Omega and Alpha Vector that already have Hyperdrives installed.

No Man’s Sky Hyperdrive Upgrade

Your hyperdrive can be upgraded through three levels.

Hyperdrive Level 1 Upgrade – Warp Reactor Sigma

The first level is the Reactor Sigma that improves the hyperdrive capabilities hence increasing your warp speeds and the distance you can travel. This upgrade lets you access Class K and Class M star systems. You will need to get the blueprints for this upgrade from player Polo or from the Gek Nanite merchants.

The resources needed to implement the upgrade are:

  • 1 Dynamic resonator
  • 200 Iridium
  • 1000 Frost crystal

Hyperdrive Level 2 Upgrade – Warp Reactor Tau

This gives you better fusion hence hire warp speeds and intensities. Consequently, you get to leap deeper into space and explore further. Remember that the warp core output is regulated to avoid meltdowns.

Once again, the blueprints can be found with a Gek blueprint trader in Gek controlled systems or from player Polo. To build it, you will need:

  • 2 Dynamic resonators
  • 600 Nickel
  • 1000 Fungal mould

Warp Reactor Theta

This level 3 hyperdrive reactor will uncap and stabilize your fusion system hence pushing them to the fullest. Once you have the blueprints, you will need:

  • 3 Dynamic resonator
  • 1000 Gold
  • 1000 Solanium

You will need this reactor to access Class B and Class O.

The final grade of Hyperdrive upgrades in no Man’s sky is stuff of legend. No one has really ever seen it in the game. The Warp Reactor Omega is thought to be the final upgrade you can make on your starship’s hyperdrives.