No Man’s Sky Cheat Engine Hacks & Cheat Tables

No Man’s Sky is an indie game from developers Hello Games that is built around four main pillars; Exploration, Survival, Combat and Training. The game holds some magic to many players despite the initial negative critical response but as an action-adventure survival video-game, it might prove challenging for the casual gamer and this is where the Cheat Engine Tables for No Man’s Sky come in handy.

Hello Games recently pushed out a major free update that introduced online multi-player to No Man’s Sky. Using the Cheat engine Tables outlined in this guide in this online multiplayer mode would be irresponsible and frustrating to other players online. This would also likely attract penalties and bans to your gamer account. For tips and guides of how to use No Man’s Sky Cheat Engine Tables, check out our introductory guide on Cheat Engine.

No Man’s Sky Cheat Tables

The most reliable Cheat Engine Table for No Man’s Sky comes from Squall8.

no man's sky cheat engine codes

The Cheat table unlocks the following features in-game:

  • Infinite Health and One Hit Kills (God Mode)
  • Infinite Jetpack
  • Infinite sprint
  • Working rocket boots
  • Jetpack power
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Grenades
  • Infinite Scanner
  • Infinite Life Support
  • Infinite Mining Beam
  • Infinite Blaze Javelin
  • No Ship Overheat
  • Infinite Hazard protection
  • No Rocket Launcher overheating
  • Infinite Hyperdrive
  • Infinite Terrain mapper
  • Infinite launch thrusters and pulse engine
  • Infinite exocraft Boost and Engine
  • Bypass locks
  • Universal translator
  • Kill all pirates
  • Ignore Crafting requirements
  • Edit wanted level
  • Teleport to custom markers.

You can grab a copy of the CE tables here.

Hopefully, this guide on Cheat Engine Tables for No Man’s Sky will have you well on your way to Galactic domination and have fun while doing so.

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