Nioh Isle of Demons All 9 Kodama Locations

If you have gone through my general guide on finding Kodama in Nioh, you by now know how dynamic and unpredictable these tiny spirits can be. With Isle of Demons being the first mission in Nioh, it would be great to know the Nioh Isle of Demons Kodama locations as you fight your way through the burning village on your way to fight Onryuki.

There are 9 Kodama in Isle of Demons. Here are the locations.

  1. Only a few steps from your start point. Walk up the hill and look for the house with a brazier nearby. Look behind a wooden cart to find the Kodoma.
  2. In the village next to the courtyard with a locked gate. This is the house where you will encounter the first demon. Search for an opening to the opposite side of the entrance you used. Once you walk out of the opening, turn left to see the Kodoma.
  3. At the burning section of the village near the coast. You will find it on the roof of the house nearest to the water hidden under some boards. You can clearly see Onryuki’s ship from this location
  4. Go down to the beach until you are in front of the ship. Turn left and follow the sea until you get to the cliff before wading through the shallow water until you get your fourth Kodama in Nioh, Isle of Demons.
  5. This will be on the outside side of the shrine fence. Unlock the shortcut out before getting out and finding the Kodomo under the tree next to the fence.
  6. When outside the shrine from step 6 above, walk down the narrow ledge below the path from the coast to the shrine. You will find a Kodama there
  7. Go up to the roof of the house next to the watch tower by the gate that leads to the beach.
  8. The eighth Kodama location in Nioh Isle of Demons is past the graveyard in a grove. You will find it sitting on a rock next to a wooden shed overlooking the graveyard.
  9. Your last Kodama will be in the wooded area near the revenant spawn location. Go past the row of children statues on the cliff and you will find it sited on the ledge next to the tree.

That’s all the Kodama locations in Nioh Isle of Demons (the first mission of the game.) Keep your eyes peeled and explore as much of the game as possible since these are locations you will naturally stumble upon if you are ‘explorative’ enough.