NieR Automata Pod Locations

In the intensive world of NieR: Automata, you will always need all the help you can get to survive the intense battles. Yes, having the best weapons for your play style will give you an upper hand but you’ll still need extra help to breeze through the game without cheating. One good way to up your character’s performance is by using NieR Automata pods.

What do NieR Automata Pods Do?

Pods are small robots that accompany the main character and provide assistance in battle. You can use your pods to:

  • Hang onto them during combat to evade the enemy
  • Use them to jump higher
  • Glide along large distances
  • Attack enemy while hanging onto the pod or while gliding

nier automata pods

Your NieR Automata pods can also shoot bullets at enemies. These are quite effective against smaller enemies or bigger prey as long as you take down the enemy’s shield by using your favorite melee weapons. If your enemy has spikes on their shield, you can use POD fire to break out the spikes before going in for a melee attack to avoid injury.

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NieR Automata Pod Locations and Capabilities

Name & Image Location Levels Attack Power at Level 1 Attack Power at Max Level
Pod A Default Pod you start with Lv 2: Double damage on first shot

Lv 3: Launch explosive projectiles

Lv Max: Launch cluster explosives that scatter after first blast

150 180
Pod B Fished from the Flooded City waters. You will unlock this area towards the end of your very first run. Go to the Flooded Coast and look for the first yellow bus. There’s a fishing spot behind this bus Lv 2: Temporary increase in laser width and damage per hit

Lv 3 : Fire 15 pellets that ricochet off environment up to 3 times

Lv Max: Pellets ricochet 6 times and actively seek targets after bounce

150 180
Pod C Located in the Desert Zone. You’ll get a quest marker that will lead you to the center of the Desert Zone. You’ll find the deactivated pod here Lv 2: Grenade bombardment

Lv 3: Launch a set of explosives that then fall around the player and detonate to clear enemies

Lv Max: Explosives launched turn into mines after exploding and explode again if enemy touches them or after 4 seconds

150 180


Your NieR Automata pods make great companions in battle and are the perfect companion when you’re moving from one place to another. Think of them as a dog that is a loyal friend and ever present when you need a helping hand in battle. You can even congratulate your pet by patting it!

To upgrade your Pod, you will have to talk to the merchant over at the Resistance Camp or the Bunker. Each upgrade option will cost you money and resources.