Neko Atsume Cheats – How to Attract More Cats Faster

Some of the most refined things in a gamer’s world would never be if it were not for that small technologically advanced nation of Japan. They have tons of simple but fun games as proof, a hoard of equally interesting animes and most importantly Neko Atsume.

If you are here looking for Neko Atsume Cheats, I believe you already know a thing or two about the fast-paced Atsume world where the glory yardstick is how many rare cats and other exotic creatures you have in your collection.

Does this remind you of Pokemon? Well. It should, in a way. Instead of collecting insanely powered Pokemon, you will be doing the humble job of collecting and keeping cats as you furnish your virtual yard.neko atsume cheats

Neko Atsume Cheats & Hacks

Before digging into the Neko Atsume Cheat Engine cheats or Trainer hacks, we will first look at simple in-game tips and cheats that will give you an upper hand. It’s always more fun to manipulate a game and force it to give you what you want without using any third party tools.

Even though you cannot directly control the Neko Atsume cats, you can use Cheat Engine to manipulate assets like food and fixtures. Once you have these, you can go ahead and use them in the game to attract as many cats as possible. Here is a quick guide to help you get started with Cheat Engine game hacks.

How to Get a Lot of Fish in Neko Atsume

The first cheat in Neko Atsume has to be food oriented. Food is all you’ll need to attract cats, and some cats will reward you in kind.

To get a lot of fish:

  • Put out food better than thrifty bitz out in moderate quantity
  • A white cat (Tubbs) will come and eat your food
  • After he eats all the food, he will sit back and relax for a while
  • Resist the urge to refill the bowl as this will make him move on immediately
  • If he hangs around and leaves under his own volition, he will gift you with a lot of fish

Another trick that will earn you lots of fish is attracting Miss Fortune to your yard. You do this by buying and setting up a Cardboard House. This will attract Miss Fortune, the Maneki Neko cat who always leaves a lot of fish when she walks away.

Simple Cheat to Attract Rare Cats

You can easily attract rare cats by putting out food better than Thrifty Bitz. Different cats love different types of food. Apart from using the right food, you need to decorate your yard with attractive items that draw cat attention.




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