My Summer Car Console Commands

My Summer Car players have grown up knowing that console commands are a norm in this impressive open world survival piece from Johannes Rojola of Amistech. Even though the developer released the game on steam with console commands available, the option was removed with the 08.11.16 update of the game. There, however, aren’t any penalties for using game cheats.

If you want to use console commands in My Summer Car, therefore, you must ensure that you are using the original version of the game or something before the 08.11.16 patch. If you already updated the game, you can uninstall the patches or simply uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy of the game.

My Summer Car: How to Use Console Commands

If your game meets the above requirements, you can find your console in the options menu. Click on the console option to launch your console and launch each command by pressing Enter after typing it down.

My Summer Car All Console Commands List

  • hemo: Teleports you back home regardless of where you were
  • lefa: Teleports a car back to the garage. Useful if your car is damaged
  • drag: Teleports you and your car to an airstrip for a drag race
  • sale: Teleports you to Teimo’s Shop
  • time**: Rewinds the time: Replace asterisks with a number, e. g. time20
  • date*: Change day of week: Replace the asterisks with a number, e. g. date6 (saturday)
  • poor***: Add money: Replace the asterisks with a number, e.g. poor10000
  • keke: Activates god mode (immortal)
  • rcar: Move the Satsuma (the car) back Home
  • rvan: Move the Van back Home
  • rtra: Bring the Tractor back Home
  • rbed: Get sleep
  • weat: Change the weather
  • seiv: Save the game
  • rbed: get some sleep
  • weat: change the weather in the game

You can use mods to activate console commands in the latest version of the game. Here is a video tutorial walking you through the steps. This will come in handy if you want some features and patches available in latest game versions that don’t natively support console commands.