Murder Manor Chapter 7 Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

Adventure Escape Murder Manor is another informative and adventurous puzzle game from Haiku Games where you are detective invited to a Wickham Manor to solve a murder mystery. Murder Manor contains good graphics and a very interesting storyline as it was developed by one of the best adventure escape games studio

In Adventure Escape Murder Manor you have to solve different puzzles and riddles to assist you to find hidden items in each chapter.

Sometimes Adventure Escape Murder Manor becomes challenging and you may get stuck through a chapter because you do not know how to get through by solving a particular puzzle or riddle. Well, this guide provides you with a chapter walkthrough specifically Murder Manor Chapter 7 Walkthrough.

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Most people tend to say Murder Manor chapter 7 is most likely the most difficult chapter.

Murder Manor Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Above the staircase, there is a door. Open it and move inside. On the right side there an axe that is hidden under a red curtain. Tap on the curtain to lift it and collect the axe. Tap on the open door to head to the next room.

Give the collected axe to the coat of arms/knight and receive some stars which will appear on its head.

On the cabinet, open all its doors to find and collect a key. Right above the knight, there are 3 deer. Tap on the middle deer’s left antler which will fall off and then collect it.

Head back to the previous room. On the desk, tap on the right drawer to open it whereby you will find vinegar. Collect it

There is a portrait of a woman on the wall which is stuck but it hides a locked safe behind it. Use the vinegar on the portrait to reveal the locked safe which you need a safe code to unlock

There is a shiny grate/air vent on the right. Use the antler you collected to reach the shiny object inside which is a gear.

On top of the desk, there is a cuckoo clock which contains other gears for a puzzle which needs to be solved. What you need to do to solve the puzzle is a match up the teeth of the gears and you will then get a clue for the locked safe. The gear puzzle solution should look like below.

murder mannor puzzle solutions

On the clue there is a pool ball, butterfly, deer, and sword. You, therefore, need to count the number of pool balls, butterflies, deer heads and swords to get the murder manor chapter 7 safe code.  There are 6 pool balls, 9 butterflies, 4 deer heads and 8 swords forming the code 6948

Input this code on the locked safe to find a puzzle with some torn up pieces of a letter which need to be pieced together. The letter should read


I cannot live with the truth any longer. You say that you love me, yet you will not divorce your wife

I know that House Wickham must not tarnish its name. Our child born out of wedlock can never be acknowledged

But still, how could you tear young Willoughby from your arms? How could you give him up for adoption without telling me?

Without my son, my world is shattered. Good-bye


There is a shelf with books that will open on the right. Tap on the books to solve the book puzzle. You now have to place the books in the correct order. On top of the shelf, there is a clue to assist you.

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You are now supposed to sum the numbers from the clue to the numbers on the spine and then arrange them in ascending order.

murder manor bookshelf puzzle solution

When you are done with the murder manor chapter 7 book puzzle solution, a secret door will appear. Head in to learn who the murderer is and finish Adventure Escape Murder Manor chapter 7.

Though most people to say that Adventure Escape Murder Manor chapter 7 is the most difficult chapter in the game, with the above walkthrough it will seize to be challenging anymore.