Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Using the Mount and Blade: Warband commands on Xbox One or PS4 will definitely give you an upper hand, let you dig deeper into the game than you could have by playing without the cheat codes. In this guide, we are going to explore all the cheat menu codes, from the Viking Conquest cheats to commands and codes that will help you improve relations in the game.

Mount and Blade Warband cheats

How to Use the Mount and Blade: Warband Cheat Menu Commands

When on the launcher, select ‘Configuration’ and check on the ‘Enable Cheats’ box. Specific cheats will work in specific sections of the game. The health and instant kill cheats will for instance work when in battle while the gold cheat will work on the inventory screen.

Here is a list of the cheat codes, their effect and the screen you should be in when applying them.

Screen Cheat Code Effect
Inventory [ctrl] + X +1,000 Dinar one time
Character [ctrl] + X +1,000 experience points one time
Character [ctrl] + L Faster leveling
Character [ctrl] + W Increase all weapon proficiencies
Party [ctrl] + X Upgrade selected unit one at a time
Map [ctrl] + T See everything apart from hideouts
Map [ctrl] + LMB Teleport party
Battle [ctrl] + LMB Upgrade all available units to that path
Battle [ctrl] + H Restore health
Battle [ctrl] + [shift] + H Heal your horse
Battle [ctrl] + [F3] Damage yourself
Battle [ctrl] + [shift] press [F4] Knock single enemy unit unconscious
Battle [ctrl] + [alt] + [F4] Render all enemy troops unconscious
Battle [ctrl] + [shift] + [F4] All enemies zoomed into unconscious
Battle [ctrl] + [F5] Let AI take over your character
Battle [ctrl] + [F9] Toggle slow motion

If you want more, you can unlock alternate abilities by creating your own character. Since this involves editing game files, it would be wise to create a backup copy of your game files before starting.

Create a new character from within the character page in the game and give them attributes and statistics. Export the character and exit the game. Navigate to the game folder and open the ‘charexport’ folder and open the folder with your new character’s name.

Save a copy of the file before opening the original and editing values to increase statistics and capabilities. Relaunch the game and use the now supercharged character.