Mount and Blade Warband Cheat Engine

If you have bought the stand-alone expansion pack to Mount & Blade: Warband, it means that you are really interested in the game and wouldn’t mind using a couple of cheat table tricks to make the game more interesting. If you are playing on Microsoft Windows, you can do this using Cheat engine Mount and Blade Warband.

Cheat Engine is a memory manipulation tool that lets you alter different features in a game with ease. You can alter health, damage resistance, troop size, weapon efficiency and other crucial values as you please as long as you have the right cheat tables. This is quite different from other ingrained Mount and Blade Warband cheats.

If it is your first time installing cheat engine, you can follow our installation guide to learn how to download and get started with your cheat table loading procedure. Remember that having Cheat Engine on your PC might trigger other game’s anti-cheat algorithms triggering a block. Always be careful if you have other multiplayer games that are keen on catching cheats whenever you deploy Cheat Engine cheats.

Using Cheat Engine to Add Troops

mount and blade warband cheat engine

This simple trick will teach you how to track troop values on your memory addresses and how to change them in order to alter your town or castle troop counts. To start, launch your game and Alt+Tab to bring focus on Cheat Engine. Identify and load the mb_warband.exe process

  • Recruit or launch at least 5 units. This is the least number you will need to get the troop’s process visible
  • Move the troops to the location you want them to be
  • Go to Cheat Engine and do a scan for your Men at Arms. If you chose 5, scan for five or for 8 if you chose 8 men at arms
  • Your search will bring up any bit with your chosen recruit five. For consistency, we will use 8.
  • Go back to the game and change the troop’s value. You can disband two troops to remain with 6 then repeat the search with 6 as the search phrase
  • This will narrow down your search by filtering out changed values in your first list
  • You can repeat the procedure by disbanding one more troop and searching for 5
  • If the same two values come up again, then this is what is linked to your men at arms. You will have to modify one of the two to take effect on your game.
  • Click on each value and change it to a number of your choice. Edit one value at a go and check your game to see if your troop’s values have changed. Editing the right number should change anything you want.

Once you master the troops hack, you can use this fishing hack to modify most values in your game.

Mount and Blade Warband Cheat Tables

If you don’t want to do searches, you can use the following cheat table to get a wide range of cheat engine effects. Here are some tables gathered from across the web. This cheat table will work on Mount and Blade: Fire, Sword and Warband version 1.0 to 1.17. The features include:

  • God mode for troops, horses, and hero
  • Set minimum thaler (money)
  • Set inventory items to maximum inventory
  • A wide range of useful pointers
  • Unlimited ammo for player hero and troops

You can get a copy of the cheat table here.

Here’s another cheat that works on native games and a wide range of games running popular modes like Prophesy of Pendor and Diplomacy. You will get the freedom to modify:

  • Player levels
  • Money and skill points
  • Weapon skill for all types of weaponry

You can grab a copy of the cheat table here.