MGSV Bandana: Why is it so Important?

In MGSV, the bandana was replaced by a piece of debris implanted in Big Boss skull but you can still have the bandana on. The bandana makes Big Boss less prone to injuries and is a vital item if you love the long gameplay. The MGSV infinity bandana has a special ability to generate unlimited ammo for your game weapons.

The Metal Gear Solid 5 Bandana, what is it?

The bandana in MGSV is not just an icon of character. Big Boss wears it as a reminder of his mentor until he got over her death. However, the most notable of his icons is his eyepatch which is mostly a trademark. As for Snake, As for Snake, his bandana dates back to MSG2 where he first wore it with his team in Zanzibar Land. It may be to him a preferred headgear rather than a facial ammo gear.metal gear solid 5 infinity bandana

Phantom pain bandana, why is it important?

The bandana is the complimentary icon that gives him that outlandish smashing look we all love. While the headband would have its advantages, it could also act as a cosmetic on Big Boss for his head wound marked by a piece of debris he does not want to be removed. Maybe something to cover his wound. It won’t give you any added operative or combat advantage in the game.

Metal gear solid 5 headband- how is it used?

You might have developed the Phantom Pain bandana but may not know how to use it. You may also develop it but have no skill on how to equip it to your advantage. All this will be covered here. Did you know that the infinity bandana will generate some good rounds of fire to the opponent? Yes, you may notice no reduction to the bullets or rockets you have used. If you have not acquired it, you might miss out on a lot of enemy defying gaming thrill. While the infinity bandana MGSV will make you a porcupine of bombs and bullets, I particularly love the plain bandana or just ‘bandana’ for its iconic importance on Big Boss and Solid Snake.

How to get bandana in MGS5

To unlock the bandanas, you will need to upgrade the Research and Development Team at Mother. Both the bandana and the infinity bandana will require the following unlocks.

Unlock the MGSV Bandana

  1. Collect 400,000 Gross Military Product
  2. Upgrade the R&D (Research and Development Team) to level 34 or higher
  3. Complete the Side Op #143 to get Strangelove’s Memento

Unlock MGSV Infinity Bandana

  1. Collect 1,000,000 Gross Military Product
  2. Get the Star of Bethlehem by finishing Secret Mission 46 within the game
  3. Upgrade R&D (Research and Development) Team to level 48 or higher

Personally, I like Big Boss without his bandana right from Peacewalker- he looks way cooler. That being said, I think it would be good for Big Boss to get an eye transplant if he so wishes. Why would a soldier his class work on a single eye? Wouldn’t it mess up his depth perception and field of view?

Well, maybe his damaged one is a daily reminder of Eva, the lady he took a bullet for. Or is it a message that he never cared for the life he spared? But hey, MGS5 is full of the unexpected. If we can find a way to enjoy Quiet, the photosynthetic operative, we can accept Big Boss and his bandana.