Metal Gear Solid 5: How to Get Quiet Back

I have heard numerous complaints about how MGSV will make you play a mission seven times in a row just to get back Quiet. Well, how true is that? Let us find out…

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not reached mission 45, this may kill some of your thrill needed to complete the game! But if you insist on knowing how to get quiet back after mission 45, read on.

The conclusion of Metal Gear Solid V main plot sees Quiet- your master shooter- leave your beck and call list with no future hope of getting her back. Your new buddies are a horse, a hound, and a bipedal mech. Quiet is designed to be your trusted companion and most worthy asset, hence losing her is kind of a big deal for many. But here is how to get back what you have lost. This is a buzzkill for those of us who would like to continue playing the game even after the story concludes.metal gear solid phantom pain quiet

How to Get Quiet Back in Phantom Pain

With the latest patch update- 1.06, Phantom Pain how to get quiet back you can retrieve Quiet back from wherever she disappeared to. Load up the eleventh mission: Cloaked in Silence. You will be required to conquer seven times in a row. Each time you kill her, the game resets until the seventh time when she return to mother base. You may have tried using a tranquilizer sniper rifle, dropping cars and tanks over her, using sleeping gas and the dog to fish her out, or even launching a massive bombing at her but you have not yet gotten her back. While all these are strategies to knock her out and get GMP, they do not necessarily add on to your cumulative 7 kills. The terms for conquering her are as follows:

  • You may use non-firearm attacks- Rank-restricting items such as Stealth Camo and Infinity Bandana are cool for use
  • When prompted by Miller, decline to shoot her after the battle
  • You may not hit her with lethal weapons
  • You must eliminate her to successfully complete the mission

These are easy to achieve and you can always get the helping hand of a MGSV Phantom Pain trainer or Cheat Table.

It is better to conquer through the non-lethal way. After the seventh time, the game’s mission will change from “[Replay] Cloaked In Silence” to “[Reunion] Cloaked In Silence”. You will have her back once you are through with the mission. However, there lacks a cutscene concerning this and thus it does not affect the final outcome of the game. To fast complete the game, have supply drops hit her over and over and you will be done within no time.

However, just like any Side Ops dirty job, there are detrimental implications. If you plan on retrieving Quiet, then you ought to be ready for some disappointing reduction in GMP rewards with every replay of mission 11.

How to Play the Get Quiet Back Mission

To play through the ‘get Quiet back mission’ for seven consecutive times is also quite expensive. For one, you are consistently getting a far lower GMP payout with every repeat of the mission, yet the price for the mission remains the same. The entire weaponry, the chopper and the Fulton Supply Trick may end up reaching over $1million GMP. That is how expensive she is. However, once you get her back, all Quiet’s weaponry and costumes are available for deployment.metal gear solid V quiet

Quiet can be very useful once you have her. If you missed out on the Butterfly emblem before Quiet’s departure, you finally have a chance of retrieving it. You only have to drag Quiet along on any mission and let her handle the rest of the matter. There will be no much use having the emblem after the 1.06 patch update but it is required to complete the emblems list in the ACC menu.

If you are having trouble killing Quiet on the mission, you will have an easy win of an M200NL sniper rifle and a raiden suit by this gameplay. At the start peek your head for a second then shoot her. After that, she will go to the same position on the ruins below you on the left. She will come to a little wall and lay down, you need to shoot her, whereby she will then change her position to the far left mountain. Shoot her still and get her and run to the edge of the mission as fast as possible. That is how you can save the helicopter charges with only a rifle. Easy peazzy lemon squeezy!

Once you have her back, she returns to mother base in the Brig at the Medical Platform and resumes her awesome life that involves sunbathing and listening to music, there she will be at you beck and call.

That’s it folks! The seventh kill gets her back. If you have any troubles, please check to ensure that your methods are as outlined in this post, I’ve tried them out and they work just fine.