Doing a Mass Effect Andromeda Respec

Mass Effect Andromeda can be intimidating to the beginner. There’s so much to do, so many resources to gather and so many skills to equip. Well, the point is, when exploring a far-flung galaxy, you have to be a jack-of-all-trades. But what happens when you feel that the skills you’ve gathered along the way aren’t perfect for your current mission and you can’t cheat?

Simple; you do a Mass Effect Andromeda respect.

Mass Effect Andromeda respect lets you reset your skill points so that you can spend them the right way and build the profile you feel will best suit your play style or current mission.

How to Respec in Andromeda

Before you can start the respect, you first have to escape Habitat 7, head over to the Nexus and pick The Tempest. This is the ship you will use to explore Andromeda. The ship also has the respect station.

mass effect andromeda re-spec station

The respect station is on Deck 3. You can get there by taking the elevator to the Cargo Bay. Look for two doors and head through one. You will have the Crew Quartos to the Left and Pathfinder Quarters at the end of the corridor. The Med Bay will be to the right.

The Respec Station is a screen running along the Med Bay wall with a large display on showing a human skeleton.

Using the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec Station

Interacting with the Respec Station is easy. Head over to the left of the station to launch your Respec window. The very first respect will cost you a lenient 20 Credits while the rest of the respecs will cost you up to 500 Credits.

Once you’ve selected all the respect you need, it’s time to choose the team member to apply the respect you want. You are free to choose anyone applicable. Once you choose the character, his or her skill points are set to zero and you can begin upgrading different options as required.

You don’t have to use all the freed skill points at a go. You can always come back to the respect station to try more skills once you’ve tried out your character in the field.