Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion Mission Walkthrough

Mass Effect Andromeda contagion is a side mission that needs to be completed before your last quest in priority Ops. The mission revolves around Ruth Bekker, a Hyperion member with a deadly disease- TH 314- who has just been awoken from a frozen state called cyro. Captain Dunn requires you (Ryder) to locate her and quarantine her to prevent any spread of the virus to others. There are various Mass effect Andromeda contagion bugs that can stop you from completing the quest such as randomly fallings from the sky among other glitches. Below is how to overcome such hiccups and successfully complete the mission.

Contagion Mass Effect Andromeda Mission details

To access Ruth, you have to walk to the Cyro Bar and probe Harry for more details on the TH 314 and about her whereabouts. The conversation yields a heading: the immigrations center known as Nexus docks.

If you are playing the mission for the first time, ensure that you have respecd for the mission hence increasing your chances of succeeding. This is always better than trying to use cheats or a trainer that will take the full experience away from the game.

Ryder heads to the immigration only to find out that Ruth left the premises a while ago. He then discovers that a scan of the area will reveal her exit route or whereabouts. Ryder scans the area and notices the route followed by Ruth as her exit strategy.mass effect andromeda contagion sidemission

  1. The immigrations office
  2. She then followed the path leading to the immigrations shops
  3. Door at the tram
  4. The Vortex Hallway
  5. Vortex Doorway
  6. She is locked to be at the Vortex bar amidst the crowd

Ryder follows Ruth’s trails which lead to the Vortex bar. There, he probes the officers in charge concerning Ruth and her whereabouts. The officers reveal that she was seen a while ago and went to greet a friend who works at the Nexus operations.

Once you get to the Nexus operations, you need to engage in conversation Teron- Ruth’s friend. Once again, Ruth is missing with the disappointing report that she was seen a while ago and seemed sick.

Ryder does not find her in all these places but must find her very fast as her sickness is setting in. Unsettled at her disappearance, Ryder goes back to customs for more probing and scanning. Luckily, this time round, he discovers that she is within reach. Ruth happens to have attacked a staff before taking off with a shuttle. The shuttle is a bit broken and can be easily found by tracking, which causes Ryder to board the Tempest.

Ryder then needs to engage the following systems to find out Ruth’s shuttle trail: Tecunis, Zaubray, Anasa, Solminae, and Govorkam. The last system shows you where Ruth is- at Kadara, the land in “Hunting the Archon” mission.

Find Kadara and take the elevator which leads to the slums where you have to call a nomad for guidance. The log indicates that Ruth’s shuttle crashed a few moments ago. She is now in the hands of a Roekaar vagabond.

Mass effect Andromeda contagion choice

At the end of the quest, you find Ruth held at gunpoint by the Roekaar leader. Here comes the hard part- you will need to make a choice whether to kill Ruth to prevent her from infecting others or save her and have to battle the Roekaar leader who has a sample of the virus and could use it to kill others.

Mass effect Andromeda contagion consequences

If you kill Ruth to prevent her from infecting others, then she will die and you will need to battle with the Roekaar bandits who, by the way, have a virus sample which they could use for terrorism.

If you choose to spare her, probably to see her alive longer, then the game saves and Ruth is returned to her former cyro with her nephew. With so much at stake, having the best Armor in Mass Effect Andromeda will go a long way into ensuring that you succeed.