How to Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 unleashes you onto the land of Hope County, Montana, and while you’re out on your business of dismantling cults, you’ll need money to purchase new weapons, clothes, cars, planes and boats for your character. This guide will detail all the tips, tricks, and glitches you can exploit in-game to get a huge amount of money in the least amount of time without using Far Cry 5 Cheat Engine hacks.

Raptor Peak Glitch

This is the most popular Far Cry 5 money glitch and it nets you the highest amount of money in a very small time-frame. It involves farming for animal skins and it is advisable to get two perks unlocked;

  • ‘Journey Pack’ – Which allows you to store more items in your inventory, including carrying more animal skins. This perk costs 7 points.
  • ‘Harvest Master’ – This perk allows you to loot an animal for two skins instead of one and costs 8 points.

With these two perks, head over to Raptor Peak on the north-east area of Faith’s Region. This area is full of animals which give really valuable skins. You should also take Boomer with you, as the dog will highlight prey on your HUD. If you need a specialist, take Jess with you, with her Feral Friendly Perk, animals won’t run away from her.

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Start off in the fields with the Bison and start hunting them, loot the Bison for skins and once the skins are full, keep hunting them for bait because Bison will always give you bait. Throw the bait as you continue hunting the Bison and other animals attracted with your bait. Keep hunting in this field until the bait is generally full as the Bison will spawn infinitely as well as transforming into other animals such as Black Bears.

make money fast in far cry 5

Now move east across a mountain road to a field full of moose and hunt them for skins until you fill up on moose skins. After hunting the moose, continue tracking east to an area where Alpha Moose will be spawning. These Alpha Moose drop extremely valuable skins worth $350 a skin so hunt and fill up on these Alpha Moose skins.

With the valuable Alpha Moose skins, keep tracking east to another field with grizzly bears, elk, deer, wolves, and the occasional black bear. While it is easier to hunt the deer and elk, look for cougars which will stalk the prey and kill them for you, saving you some precious arrows.

There are general stores and vendors around the area thus maximizing the amount of time you spend hunting and earning money.

It is worth noting that this Far Cry 5 money glitch is no longer viable for players on a digital copy of the game as the game-developers patched the glitch. You should be on the original version of the game to use the glitch. However, if you’re running an unpatched physical copy of the game, then this is the best option on how to make money fast in Far Cry 5 as you can earn at least $15000 every time you sell your animal loot.

Harris Residence

Harris residence is a location that spawns a lot of Hares, one of the most valuable animals in Far Cry 5. Farming Hare Skins in this area can net you $10000 every 20 minutes making it a very viable ‘farming’ technique in Far Cry 5. Harris residence is located to the west of Holland Valley, in the mountains.

This area is a regular spawning point for the Alpha Hare. Look near the garage at the house and you might spot the hare. Killing the hare with a bow and ‘Harvest Master’ perk acquired nets you 4 skins, each valued at $350. You, therefore, get $1200 per kill.

There is also a Wolverine hunting spot nearby where you can kill a lot of them, including an Alpha Wolverine with a $400 Alpha Wolverine skin. To spot the Alpha Wolverine, explore along the right side of the Harris Residence.

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In the woods around the house are the black bear, elk, and deer, with a chance of encountering an Alpha Deer with a skin worth $300.

These two methods will make sure you in-game character wants for nothing. Giving you enough money to buy as many cars, clothes, weapons, and helicopters in his quest to fight off cultists. They are by a long-shot the best options on how to make money fast in Far Cry 5.