Mafia 3 Cheats, Mods Tricks and Hacks

Mafia 3 has been around for a while now. Most people have played the DLC content, enjoyed all the boss killings, seen the possible endings and are now rearing to try something new. Since Mafia 3 isn’t really multiplayer, I believe it is time to bring out the tricks and the hacks to add some depth to the PC or PlayStation game.

In this compilation of Mafia III cheats, tricks and hacks, we are going to explore a variety of unlimited ammo, infinite health, money faster cars, better weapons, upgrades, collectibles and so much more. The good news is most of the tricks are native to the game hence you have nothing to fear about. The Cheat Engine cheats and Mafia 3 Scripthook cheats are the most interesting so far.

Mafia 3 Underboss Perks

Before delving into the cheats, you can first leverage the perks that come with awarding power to each of your three underbosses. Toy around with the underbosses depending on how you play the game and what powers you want to progress. (The money indicates the business cash flow you let the underboss handle)

Cassandra Mafia 3 Favors

mafia 3 cassandra perks

  • When you meet her: Mobile arms dealer, Buy weapons from Jackie D on demand.
  • $30000:  Screanubg Zemi, throwable distraction
  • $60000: Gunsmith, improved accuracy
  • $100000: Operator, shut down area phones for five minutes
  • $140000: Gunsmith, improved ammo capacity
  • $180000: Screaming Zemi, the smoke bomb
  • $220000: Gunsmith, reduced recoil
  • $270000: Operator, shut down area phones for 10 minutes
  • $320000: Screaming Zemi, exploding distraction
  • $370000: Gunsmith, faster reloading
  • $420000: Operator, kill phones and call for backup

Vito Underboss Powers

mafia 3 vito underboss perks

  • Upon meeting Vito: Consigliore, deposit your cash without visiting bank
  • $30000: Hit Squad, call armed backup to your location
  • $60000: Mob Doc, add an extra health segment
  • $100000: Mob Doc, add an extra adrenaline storage slot
  • $140000: Consigliere, collect kickback and reveal enemy locations
  • $180000: Mob Doc, faster health recovery
  • $220000: Enforcer Squad, call in heavy duty backup squad
  • $270000: Mob Doc, add an extra health bar
  • $320000: Mob Doc, restore full health with adrenaline squad
  • $370000: High Impact Squad, elite 4-man hit squad
  • $420000: Mob Doc, reach maximum number of health bars

Burke Underboss Favors

mafia 3 burke underboss powers

  • Upon meeting: Vehicle Delivery, allowing you to call in a car
  • $30000: Clear Blue Zone, cops ignore crimes for 30 seconds
  • $60000: Cops Nearby, shows nearby cops on radar
  • $100000: Explosives Supply, purchase explosives from arms dealers
  • $140000: Clear Blue Zone, cops ignore crimes for 2 minutes
  • $180000: Covert Car Theft, steal cars in peace
  • $220000: Clear All Zones, cops ignore all crimes for 2 minutes
  • $270000: Additional Explosives, carry more explosives
  • $320000: Clear All Zones, cops ignore crimes for 5 minutes
  • $370000: Occupied Car Theft, discreetly steal occupied cars

Infinite Ammo Cheat

The infinite ammo cheat comes to play once you meet Cassandra in the game. She will let you contact the arms dealer to your location whenever you want. Equip a weapon and then switch back to a weapon with low ammo to get a free ammo refill. Repeat this as much as you want. This glitch happens on the unpatched version of the game.

Earning Unlimited Money

Collecting money from rackets through your bosses is the basic source of income. There is a limit to the amount they can hold onto and will stop gathering money if you don’t collect it from them. Keep on visiting your underbosses to collect money and keep the money trickling in. Once you hit $140,000, you can hire someone to collect your racket money leaving you free to Steal Dead Drops or Follow Bagmen to earn more money.

How to Avoid Losing Money in Mafia 3

Visit your safe to manually store your money before going on a mission to avoid losing it when you die. You can also call in your Concierge to handle the deposits after meeting Vito and unlocking this perk. Once you unlock this perk, you will no longer worry about funds as your earning and banking process will be automated.

Mafia 3 Infinite Health Cheat With Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a great way to cheat in a wide variety of games. The cheat engine tables not only make cheating easier but also let you toy around with the game and find your cheats that will give you more and more capabilities. You can check out my guide on how to download and install Cheat Engine before using the video guide below to help you use Cheat Engine in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 Lua & Scripthook Cheats and Hacks (For PC)

Most of the Mafia III cheats are in the form of script hacks written in Lua and the Scripthook language. These scripts let you run your own code within the game hence letting you control different aspects of the game. You can download the scripts from Mafia 3 mods center or toy around with the ExampleDLL to create your own script that uses patch function calls and jumps to overwriting existing code.

The Mafia 3 Script Hook can be found over at To use your Lua scripts when in the game, press F1 and you will reload all your scripts.

Installing and Using the Script Hook

Download and extract the zipped folder from the github link above into your Mafia III folder and run the M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe after launching your game.


  1. Drag the file called “Invisible Lincoln” found in the mod’s .zip file to “D:Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia III/scripts (If you’re running a non-Steam version, drag it to your “Mafia III/scripts” folder, wherever it may be)
  2. Launch Mafia III and get in-game
  3. Press “Alt+Tab” to minimize the game
  4. Run “M3ScriptHookLauncher”
  5. Return to the Mafia III window (Alt+Enter to make game fullscreen)
  6. Resume the game
  7. Press “F1” on the keyboard to activate the script

Scripthook Troubleshooting:

  • If you don’t have a “scripts” folder then you don’t have Scripthook installed
  • Scripthook will keep crashing since it is NOT compatible with the newest Mafia III update, but don’t worry their is a fix
  • To make scripthook work: Right-click>properties>compatibility on “launcher.exe”, “M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe” , “mafia3.exe” and set compatibility mode for Windows 7 + run it as administrator (you can “change settings for all users” just in case)
  • Mafia III not launching? Go launch the steam app then go to your Mafia III directory & click on “mafia3” to run the game

Once you have launched the script hook launcher, be careful when spamming function keys as this could crash your game.

There are over 40 Mafia 3 mods that will either use Script Hook or Lua Injector. Here are the top 5 cheats and mods I believe you must have in the game.

All scripts in the Scripts folder are activated by pressing F1. Be careful to only keep the scripts you need to avoid lagging your game.


Just place this in your mafiaIII/scripts folder and press F1 to refresh the scripts, it’ll add 9999 each time


A simple Lua script which enables the player to be invulnerable from any type of damage. This is also the first released Lua script for Mafia 3!
Drag the Lua script into the “scripts” folder. Make sure you have the Mafia 3 Scripthook installed first.



Lua mod that enables unlimited ammo. When you reload you will be given more ammo.
Place in Mafia III/scripts folder.



This mod will make Lincoln invisible and is great when you are sneaking around. Download and place in your scripts folder



Want’ some extra speed to get that edge over the cops or whoever you are chasing? This is the right mode for the job. Press N while in the game to activate. Open Lua to choose a boost value.



All the cars in Mafia III are auto. You can get some more joy by making them run on manual with this script

Default keys are:

“Numpad Add (+)” – Starts Manual Transmission

“Numpad Subtract (-)” – Disables Manual Transmission

“Numpad decimal (.)” – Neutral

“Numpad 0” – Reverse

“Numpad 1” – 1st Gear

“Numpad 2” – 2nd Gear

“Numpad 3” – 3rd Gear

“Numpad 4” – 4th Gear

Simply edit the .lua with a text editor and change the keys to your fitting.


You can check out the rest of the mods over at Mafia Mods. You have to register with them before downloading any mods.