Madden 17 Patch Notes Revealed – Gameplay, Commentary and Ultimate Team

The Madden 17 patch is here. It is what EA Sports describes as a significant change to the gameplay, game commentary, and the ultimate Team. This Madden 17 patch is bound to make Madden 17, one of the best selling sports title of the year, a delight to even the most refined NFL lovers.

Madden 17 Patch: Gameplay

The gameplay patch focuses on the run-after-catch animation that was triggering drops in some situations. The patch will also address a game rule error that saw the Ice the Kicker prompt fail to trigger at the right time. The fix will also address the glitch that let players ice their own kicker when calling timeouts.

Another important aspect of the Madden 17 gameplay patch will deny receivers the speed boost they could earn by timing the moment they begin their runs.

Commentary Update

The expanded commentary content will feature additional lines that cover the previously empty post-PAT situations and a post-match analysis for a variety of gameplay scenarios. Your touchdown lines will be more diverse and you will find the hundreds of new lines added to Play the Moment, a delight especially that EA is known to hunt for the juiciest and most intriguing commentary lines you could ever find in the market.

Madden 17 Ultimate Team Patch

The Ultimate Team Patch will give you the ability to give rewards after each head-on game you play instead of waiting for the full event to end. This mode has also been changed so that you can know the number of items you have in stock for each particular set.

Here is a link to the complete Madden 17 patch notes if you want the exact description of each and every change EA will apply to the game with this PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patch.