Mad Max Cheat Engine Table

Surviving the Mad Max game wastelands isn’t as easy as the movie franchise Mad Max makes it seem. This is where Cheat Engine tables and some lone standing trainers come in. Even though the functionality of a cheat table changes whenever Avalanche Studio releases an update of the game, you can still get the joy of cheating your way through the wastelands especially if you can get a working cheat table or trainer.

Before getting started with Mad Max cheat tables, you’ll first have to download and install cheat engine. Follow our introductory guide to get started with the Cheat Engine. The procedure is always the same in all games. This means that how to use Mad Max cheat file is similar to how you use cheat tables for Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth or Metal Gear Solid 5.

mad max cheat engine

The Mad Max cheat table lets you use:

  • Infinite ammo
  • Infinite timers
  • Canteens
  • Scraps or money
  • An infinite time

Once you’ve downloaded and loaded the cheat table, you can use the following hotkeys to launch the cheats.

  • Pointers [Ctrl + Numpad1]
  • Infinite Ammo [Ctrl + Numpad2]
  • Infinite Time [Ctrl + Numpad3]
  • Thunderpoon [Ctrl + Numpad4]

The cheat table only works on PC. In addition to this, you will lose a shotgun bullet whenever you use the ‘shotgun animation’ kill option and infinite ammo won’t kick in with the animation kills active.

If you’re running the original version of the game without any patches, you can deploy multiple cheat engines easily. I always rollback any updates when I want to implement different cheat tables since it is easier than trying to create my own table.

For the time being, the following cheat tables will only work if you are not running any of the updates issued by steam on your game. If steam forces you to update a game before launch, you can always launch your game by opening the madmax.exe file in your installations folder.

Here you’ll get the legend challenge table and griffa’s tokens.

First cheat table

Second cheat table

Third cheat table