Lightning Returns Cheat Engine Cheat Table

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII port to PC via Steam not only gave a chance to experience the iconic Final Fantasy series in high FPS and resolutions characteristic of PC games but also opened up a whole new world to cheating, hacking and moding. One of the easiest ways to cheat in the Lightning Returns PC version is by using Cheat Engine and cheat tables.

Getting Started With Lightning Returns Cheat Engine

You can use Cheat Engine to manipulate a game’s value by editing its active memory location values. Normally, you can fish for changing values as you change something in the game and pin a name to it for future hacking. Our Cheat engine introductory guide handles all this. You should consider going through it if it is your first time using CE as it will give you download options, teach you how to load a game and cheat tables and how to find your own hacks.

Cheat Table Features

You can grab a copy of the cheat table here. There are so many features in this Lightning Returns Cheat Engine hack and I will only mention the most notable ones. You will have to learn the rest on your own.

  • Undeaded: Poison will not kill you
  • Movement: Walk, fly or float effect
  • Day time and hour advance mod
  • Freeze day time
  • Keep ATB full
  • Stagger enemy with just one hit
  • Infinite stagger: keep enemy staggered till they die, fall or are thrown to the air
  • Buy, synth, sleep with zero gil