Life is Feudal: Your Own GM Commands

Bitbox’ Life is Feudal: Your Own has been around for a while now. As any other MMOG, the game relies on a central server to operate. The developers are very keen on maintaining the player integrity and minimizing the use of cheats and console commands that might give you an undue advantage over your competitors.

Since Bitbox knew that people want some custom control over their game, it created the Game Master (GM)mode that allows you to run a custom Life is Feudal: Your Own server and manipulate it as you please using custom commands. This option came with the LiF:YO patch that went live back in 27/09/2014.

As a GM running your own mini server, you can modify different game parameters, finish or destroy structures, teleport to a camera location, ban players and spawn items.

life is feuda GM console codes

GM Console Commands and Their Effect

Command Description Example
/GM password Turn GM Mode on and off /gm mysecretpassword
/SETMYSKILL skill ID/skill Name Amount
add a value to a certain skill, amount = 0…100
/setmyskill 32 10
/setmyskill “scale armors” 60
/setmyskill prospecting 20
set stat value
id = 0…4 value = 0…110
0 = Strength, 1 = Agility, 2 = Willpower, 3 = Intellect, 4 = Constitution
/setmystat 2 60
/setmystat 0 72
/WEATHER Fair/Cloudy/Shower/Snowy
set this server weather. sending to all clients on it.
/ADD itemid/itemname amount [quality] [durability]
add a certain item to your inventory
Item list
/add 427 10 50 (adds 10 hides of 50 quality)
/add falchion 1 80 5000 (adds 1 Falchion of 80 quality and 50 durability)
/add “hardwood board” 100 10 (adds 100 boards of 10 quality)
/ANIMAL breedingName [quality]
spawn selected animal.
Breeding names:
MooseDataHindDataHareDataGrouseDataDeerMaleDataBearData, WildhorseData
F8 switch into camera mode
Shift + 1,2,3,4,5,6 – change camera speed
Shift + 8,9,0 – change camera movements and rotation dampening
E and Q – Move camera up and down
F7 spawn as a player on camera position
/COMPLETE (or “b” on keyboard)
complete selected unfinished building or object
/DELOBJ (or “n” on keyboard)
delete selected building or object
/REAGENTS adds all possible reagents for alchemy
/ALIGNMENT -1000..1000
set alignment of your character
/GROW grow crops on a current part of terrain as if one in game day had passed.
You will need to call that command 4 times in order to see crops changes
/REMOVEEFFECTS remove all active effects
/CRIMINAL time in secs
set criminal flag on yourself
/SUICIDE kill yourself
/WC FINISH et finish timer for working container (drying frame for example)
/CLAIM UP cursor selected claim monument will be upgraded
/CLAIM DOWN cursor selected claim monument will be downgraded
/JHFORCEON force judgment hour to start, will last its usual duration
/JHFORCEOFF force judgment hour to end, will skip today’s scheduled judgment hour if this was called during it
/HEALSELF fully restore hard and soft HP for yourself
/DECREASEHPDMG 0 decrease all incoming damage to HP off (Kinda like a GOD Mode.)
/DECREASEHPDMG 1 decrease all incoming damage to HP on (Kinda like a GOD Mode.)
/ADDWEAPONS add all weapons to inventory (quality = 40)
/ADDTOOLS add all tools to inventory (quality = 40)
/ADDARMOR add all armor items to inventory (quality = 40)
/ADDRESOURCES add all craft resources to inventory (quality = 40)
/TPTOPLAYER(PlayerName) teleport directly above the player with the given first name
/SETPLAYERSKILL name skillID/skillName +-Amount
add or subtract skill value of the player with the given name, Amount = -100…100
/INVUL grants invulnerability to a GM
/JT GM allows a GM to jump on certain parts of any terrain

If you want to set up your own Life is Feudal: Your Own Miniserver, you can follow the step by step guide published over at steam. You will need the server to run all the codes but you can still use them when playing on your friend’s server. After all, LiF:YO is never fun unless you are playing in a community.