How to Find Last Day on Earth Vault Codes

If you have been playing Last Day on Earth and you are quite the fan as I am, I’m pretty sure you have been wondering how to find vault codes in the game such as the Last Day on Earth vault code.

Vaults and bunkers contain a variety of unique and precious rewards and loots such as paints, weapons, spare parts, gas and much more.

How do you get the Last Day on Earth survival vault code?

The bunker Alfa vault is hidden to force you to explore the game world as you search for it. It is very important to know the bunker Alfa vault code changes from day to day and time to time as it is randomly generated.

Craft a CSB Radio and Keep Monitoring it

Step one of finding the bunker Alfa code is to first craft a CSB radio in the crafting menu. You shouldn’t worry if the CSB radio is not yet unlocked as you continue playing the game the CSB radio will soon be unlocked then craft it. Once crafted, you will want to place it in your base and open it.

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On opening it, you will notice a number of components required such as tape and scrap metal. Gather these components and fill them in the CSB radio to finalize it and keep checking back occasionally and you should get a signal talking about the bunker Alfa vault and its code.

As mentioned earlier the code changes from time to time. That is why you need to check the radio occasionally. You will get intercepted messages with the bunker code.bunker alpha code

Latest Working Alpha Bunker Codes

  • Password 18314 on April 3rd, 2018
    Password 18314 on April 4th, 2018

Coincidentally you can also find the code on bodies when you are exploring. There is a time when the bunker code was found on the corpse of a soldier in nearby Red Zones.

Once you find the bunker Alfa code all you need to do is go and enter the bunker terminal, input the code and finally get everything that was inside it and all is done. That’s it. That is how you get the Last Day on Earth vault password.