Last Day On Earth Tips And Cheats

Last Day on Earth is a rather apocalyptic action game that puts players in a world dominated by threatening zombies just like the world of H1Z1 or DayZ. It isn’t easy to stay alive because survivors have to fight with thousands of zombies that come after you and still have to find food and resources to survive.

Players might wonder if there are Last Day on Earth survival tips and tricks to up the ante in the game. Well. You’re in luck. Last Day on Earth tips such as zombie survival tips come in handy as they assist players to survive long enough and get good at the game.

There are a variety of tips of last day on earth that help get out of the way in difficult times in the game that is for new players they should know:

  1. You always receive 3 water bottles and 3 baked beans daily in your Inbox which can be transferred to the inventory if it isn’t full. However, these expire if not used within four days.
  2. Sometimes you receive a machete after you die a few times.
  3. In the nearest green forest, pine bushes, the is an Al Survivor on whom after you kill, has a chopper wheel and some other useful devices
  4. You need to spend the craft points wisely because all the recipes cannot be unlocked at max level. When you reset your craft points and learn new different recipes, you will keep any items made previously.
  5. Craft a rain catcher and two garden beds as soon as possible to be able to manage your hunger and thirst.
  6. Experience points are gained only from combat and harvesting and not crafting
  7. When a level is gained, your health refills to maximum.

For the continuing player here are some Last Day on Earth hints and tips

Always go gathering early and often

You are going to need a lot of resources and materials to craft what you need for surviving. Getting by with a hatchet and pickaxe is going to save you big time.

last day on earth tips

Build a home very early in the game

It is best and recommended that player start by building 3 x 3 homes. After that put down the floor and add walls to the house. You then need to furnish the home with the basics such as a small box to use for storage, and garden to use for the supply of food and a campfire site to improve the value of the food

Have a backpack

The basis of a backpack is to always increase your space by eight as your inventory space is limited. You should make sure to find the blueprints early to build the backpack as soon as possible.

Always keep an eye out for points of interest

Occasionally you will see a point of interest pop up on the world map. Such points are temporary but definitely have great rewards. Sometimes the army drops I a supply crate that becomes a point of interest on the world map. You will have to be fast as these points of interest and limited on time as they disappear.

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You also need to keep an eye for military bases as they are points of interests that are fixed and never expire and to fully explore these bases you will have to find a security key card which is found on dead zombies and players.

Explore new territories

Craft survival vehicles to take you to abandoned territories and search for useful materials there.

With the above Last Day on Earth hints and tips surviving the game will be rather simple and you will gain a lot of experience on the game.

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