4 Simple Kirby Star Allies Tricks to Help You Beat the Big Bosses

Kirby Star Allies is not only a great local multiplayer title but an amazing piece with emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. While Kirby’s biggest defense against enemies is inhaling and spitting them out, there are other cool moves that are deadlier and will come in handy when facing a formidable foe.

Here are some cool tricks to give you that extra oomph.4 Simple Kirby Star Allies to Help You Beat the Big Bosses

Dash through the game

A dash not only lets you cover distance faster but makes it easier to catch your enemies before they can orchestrate their moves. The dash will make Kirby move faster whilst setting him up for some of his most lethal moves. To pull out the dash, press the left analog stick twice in the direction you want him to dash.

The sliding kick

A sliding kick is a formidable attack against grounded enemies especially if you are already dashing in the game. The attack, if executed well, can kill most enemies with a single strike. Press the left analog and the tap A to pull out the sliding attack.

Piggybacking a CPU character

You can commandeer a CPU character (friend) by jumping onto them and pressing down on the left analog button. This will give you control over that character letting you use their abilities to your own advantage.how to piggyback in kirby star allies

Executing team attacks

If you are playing on local coop with friends, you can piggyback your friend then cooperate to pull a team attack. Both of you should hold down L and R keys and release them at the same time. This will launch a powerful team attack that is good enough to take down or weaken strong enemies and bosses in Kirby Star Allies.

Multiplayer campaigns always make Kirby Star Allies more interesting and so does making as many allies as you can in the game. Think outside the box and look for different ways to overcome challenges and you will enjoy the game to the fullest.