Kim Kardashian Hollywood Online Cheat for More Stars & Energy

If you seek to play the Kim Kardashian Hollywood for longer without having the stars limit your performance, you could most definitely do with this online hack that gives you a specific number of Starcoins. The thing with this hack is you will have to download and play another game before getting the coins. The cheat vendor calls it identity verification but I think of it as a clever marketing strategy.

You will have to navigate to using your phone, pick the Kim Kardashian game (you will notice that you can use the website to get coins, money and energy for other popular games) and authenticate your account. This is important since the accounts used will help link your Kim Kardashian Hollywood game with the game you will have to download to get the stars for the cheat to work.

Check out the video below explaining the complete procedure you will have to follow to get the stars. Word of advice, do this at your own discretion. I personally don’t like cheats that ask for my personal details (I try them on my junk smartphones with a test PlayStore and App Store IDs just in case)