How to Install and Use Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheat Engine (SUMOHax)

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SUMOHax cheat engine is your go-to tool if you want to begin using cheats and hacks on the just released Pokemon Sun and Moon. The cheat engine works on Nintendo 3DS and will involve some bit of hacking to get it working. SUMOHax only works on the new 3DS and anyone on the old 3DS and the 2DS won’t be able to use this cheat engine for now.

SUMOHaX is the best cheat engine for Pokemon Sun and Moon from the developer who created things like The Modding of Isaac for PS Vita. Red has been in the modding business for a while and his 3DS specific SUMOHaX cheat engine is the all in one platform you will ever need to enhance your Pokemon game experience.

How to Install SumoHAX

  1. Download and install the BootNTR selector to your Nintendo system if you don’t have it already (link and installation guide below)
  2. Download the SUMOHAX cheat engine and extract either the Sun or Moon folder into your 3DS’ plugin folder (link below)
  3. Launch the BootNTR and wait for the home menu to appear
  4. Launch your game and press A repeatedly to launch the SUMOHAX cheat engine


sumohax cheat engine

If you meet the hardware specifications, you will first have to install BootNTR selector which is sort of a bridge to implementing the cheats. I found a great cheat to doing this on Reddit. Here is a link to the guide.

Download the SUMOHax cheat engine ( click here to download the engine straight from the developer.)

Extract the folder you need, either Moon or Sun to your plugins folder on the 3DS then Launch BootNTR. Wait until you are kicked to the home menu before launching the game and spamming A (continuously press A)

How to Use the SUMOHax Cheat Engine

Press select to show your menu. You can navigate the menu using the DPAD keys and will have to press A to activate or deactivate a cheat. Pressing B will exit the menu and return you to the game.

Other things you can do include changing the menu hotkey by pressing [Start] while in the menu and change speed of cheat execution by pressing [select] while in the menu.

The most popular glitch I encountered when using the SUMOHax cheat engine was the game freezing when I start it. This happens when I load many cheats at a go and pressing A or Start many times clears it.

The cheat engine will allow you to:

  • Max Money
  • (Hold R)Walk through Walls
  • Instant Messages
  • No Outlines
  • No Forced Trainer Battles
  • Rematch Trainers
  • Wild Pokemon Shiny
  • Remove Wait Time
  • QR Scan Point 100
  • Walk/Run Speed x0.5
  • Walk/Run Speed x1.0
  • Walk/Run Speed x1.5
  • Walk/Run Speed x2.0
  • Walk/Run Speed x2.5
  • EXP Multiplyer. x10 – x64.0
  • Save Slot Teleporter (Start + D-Pad)
  • Coordinates Modifier
  • Pokemon Spawner now supports all Pokemon
  • All Z Crystals
  • Rename any Pokemon
  • Pokemon can learn any TM/HM
  • All TM/HMs
  • All medicine
  • All berries
  • CurrentFestivalCoin9,999,999
  • TotalPokeFestivalCoin9,999,999
  • TotalThumbs-Ups1,500,000
  • Max Battle Points
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