How to Uninstall Reshade

How to Uninstall Reshade

ReShade is advanced video software that processes and autocorrects game issues such as color effects and ambient occlusion. ReShade has a generic way of correcting a number of game imperfections like saturation, blurring, cross-processing, screen space occlusion, film grain among others. The result is usually a more pleasant 3D graphics scene with suitable color contrasts. However, with PUBG now placing a ban on ReShade, it’s time to get rid of the souped-up graphics and play with mere mortals.

Developers have confirmed that soon ReShade will be considered game cheating. It means that it could earn you the same penalty game trainers and Cheat Engine would earn you on multiplayer/anti-cheat games

Developed by Crosire, the software is compatible with a wide range of games. This is because most games use RadeonPro, MSI Afterburner, and RivaTuner Statistics Server that are compatible with ReShade. However, the software is not compatible with similar software like Razer Synapse.

How to remove ReShade

If you want to Remove ReShade from a game, then you have to delete all files modified or added by the software. The procedure is the same regardless of whether you are uninstalling ReShade from Fallout 4, PUBG, The Witcher or any other compatible game.

These files are usually stored in form of .ini and as dxgi files. After finding the files, right-click and choose the ‘Delete’ option.

The exact files to be looking for are:

  • Reshade-shaders (directory)
  • Both .ini files
  • All dxgi files
  • All SweetFX files

The actual location of these files will vary depending on the game but they’re mostly in the Binaries folder. You can always search for them from within the game folder.

If you’re on PUBG: Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64

Guide for Uninstalling Reshade Completely

To start with, ensure that this process is done under the account you used when installing the files. In most cases, even a computer admin account cannot completely delete the software if it was installed by another computer account (password protected).uinstalling reshade from pubg

Alternatively, simply change the delete permissions from the account to your admin account. This step solves permission issues reported especially when admins want to delete ReShade or when multiple accounts are used to download different files.

The next step are uninstalling the game, deleting ReShade folders like Reshade FFIV folder, and then reinstalling the game. In some cases, the software might continue running after the first uninstallation. In this case, delete the files for the second time and re-install the game.

Pro Tip: If you only have one game in place, you can uninstall the game, wipe clean its installation folder to get rid of any ReShade traces and reinstall the game. If you have installed ReShade to multiple games, you will have to choose between manually cleaning each game and uninstalling everything to start on a clean slate.

For PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, this is How to uninstall ReShade in PUBG:

  • In the game, visit its directory by following Steam, SteamApps, Common, PUBG, Ts1Game, Binaries, and then Win64. This exposes the shaders directory and files (Steam\SteamApps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64)
  • Remove the ReShade directories and files: Reshade-shaders, dxgi and .ini files. You can also choose to rename the dxgi.dII folder ( for instance, dxgi.dII.bak)
  • At this point, restart the game. You will realize that the ReShade loading panel doesn’t appear and the game will work under its original properties.

Ensure that your Windows Explorer is showing hidden files and displaying file extensions so that you can identify all the files you need to delete. Alternatively, you can right-click on files and choose check properties option to identify the .ini files.

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That’s how to uninstall ReShade from a game. There is no simple uninstaller. You have to get the work done manually, identify the files and delete them.