How to Set State of Decay 2 Motion Blur Off

Most games use motion blur to smudge images as you turn cameras in an effort to make the gaming experience more realistic. While this has worked for a couple of games, the State of Decay 2 motion blur is in a state of decay.

While other games let you disable motion blur if you don’t want it, State of Decay 2 developers chose to omit this setting in the game options.

PC gamers have a workaround in a custom fix that involves editing the game’s configuration files.

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How to Disable State of Decay 2 Motion Blur

  • Navigate to the following folder /Users/your_username/App Data/Local/Packages/Microsoft.Dayton_1.3137.99.2_x64/Local State/State of Decay 2/Saved/Config/UWP/ and look for GameUserSettings.ini
  • Make a copy of the file and back it up somewhere different
  • Open the original file with Notepad++ or notepad and look for lines with:
    • MotionBlurQuality
    • PostProcessQuality
    • DOFQuality
  • Change the value next to each and set it to 0 (zero)
  • Save the file and launch the game

state of decay 2 disable motion blur

This should get rid of motion blur in State of Decay 2 once and for all. If you once to deactivate it, you can go back to the configuration file you backed up and restore the original values you just replaced with a zero.

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