How to Save in Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 has unfortunately disabled manual saving. Manual saving is a great way to keep your progress when going into a deadly part of a mission that you believe you might not survive.

Before the latest revamp, such a save was possible by going to a bathroom and choosing a save slot for your game progress.

The developers have decided to ditch manual saving in favor of an autosave feature that is manifested in a little white square on the top right corner of the game. While autosave might make the game more immersive, there are times you don’t want to lose your resources or progress when you die.

A quick observance of the game’s autosave characteristics has given us a good hack that will force the game to autosave when you want.

The game will autosave when you:

  • Finish a side activity
  • Complete a mission
  • You shoot a photo of anything

Of the above instances, the third is the easiest to manipulate. Taking a photo of anything in Dead Rising 4 will force the game to autosave. It is not the concrete in-game save menu we wanted but it does the job just fine.

how to save in red dead rising

How to Use the Camera in Dead Rising 4

Since selfies are a great way to force the auto save, taking photos is going to be more important than it has been before.

Here is how to take a selfie.

  • Press right analog stick to launch the camera options
  • Press the RB button. Frank will appear in the bottom right corner of the frame
  • Hit the RT button to take the selfies

If you don’t want a selfies, just hit the right analog stick to bring up the camera menu and use the d-pad to choose one of the camera mods before snapping your regular photo.