How to Parry in For Honor

For Honor is a brutal melee combat game that draws you out on the attack. The most aggressive players will attack and hope to stun or take out the enemy before their health meter runs aground. While this approach might work when playing against regular opponents, you will need to know how to parry in For Honor when playing bosses, especially when pitted against the formidable Apollyon. Learning to play defensive is mandatory especially if you don’t want to be caught using game cheats.

Parrying in For honor might not be any different. It is all about deflecting blows to minimize their harm on your health. This means that no For Honor parry will ever leave you the same. You will always get some block damage whenever you parry.

What is For Honor Block Damage?

Block damage is that tiny chip damage you will get from every strong attack you parry. This damage is of cause smaller than what you would get if you let the blow fall through without blocking it. Your block damage resistance will determine how much damage you get from each strong attack you block.

The first step to parrying your way through For Honor is by getting equipment that will boost your block damage resistance.

The Basics of a For Honor Parry

how to parry in for honorIf you went through the in-game tutorial, you might have learned that the enemy direction icon flashes red in the direction from which the next attack will come. Blocking is as easy as pressing and holding L2 or LT and pushing your stick towards the incoming direction (the controls might be different if you changed them.)

Parrying adds some oomph to the block by letting you add some force to the movement. This works by meeting the opponent’s attack with your own heavy attack. To do this, Press RT or R2 and move your stick towards the incoming blow. (execute a heavy attack in the direction of the incoming attack)

Why is Parrying in For Honor Better than Blocking?

Parrying is an offensive attack that will forcefully block an attack knocking the enemy backwards. This is a great way to set up your own counter attack since the enemy will be staggered for a while. The trick behind great parries is the timing.

Execute your heavy attack too early and you will miss the incoming attack and get hit. Execute it too late and the attack will land square like you did nothing. For a start, you can time your parry with the flashing enemy icon. Ignore the first flash and begin your move immediately after you see the second flash. The second flash indicates the blow is just about to land.

You will have to practice your parrying skills offline before you go to those competitive matches if you want to survive. Parrying is more about fine tuning your reflexes and brain to the attack and knowing exactly when to start the move. After all, you might not have the time to focus on the flashing enemy indicator in the heat of real battle.

Always capitalize on your parry effects on the opponent. Plan your parry counter attack and execute it as soon as possible to increase your chances of finishing the fight faster.

Other Defense Options in For Honor

For Honor focuses on giving you more tools to block and reduce damage. This makes the game more immersed and lends some strategy to what would otherwise an all out blind fury of action. The other defensive techniques you can employ in the game are guard break and counter guard breaks.

The Guard Break

The guard break is an offensive shock maneuver that will force the enemy to drop guard after a hit. You can use this move to set up a great deal of attack combination or on a very skilled opponent who seems to block or parry all the attacks you send their way. You can attack or use the guard break again to maximize on the opening you get the moment the opponent drops his or her guard.

Guard break varying depending on the character you are playing. Vikings will use a kick or a throw. Use the D-pad to determine the direction of the throw. If used well, you can throw the enemy off a ledge and finish the fight without using your weapon.

The guard break move will only work on guarding enemies. Trying to pull it off on someone attacking will get hit.

The Counter Guard Break

So what do you do when your opponent pulls the guard break? Well, you counter guard break, attack or dodge out of the way. An icon flashes on the enemy when he or she is about to do a guard break on you. Execute your own guard break just as the opponent’s guard break lands. This will neutralize the opponent and make it as if it were you who executed the guard break.

Do it too late and it will have no impact. Do it too early and you will lose it all. Timing your counter guard break is as critical as timing your parry moves.

The Dodge

Finally, you can escape attacks by dodging or rolling away. This is a great way to break engagement especially when you are low on health or stamina. Dodging an attack perfectly will not let you lose anything. The only problem is you will rarely be in a position to counter attack immediately.

Getting Your Damage Resistance Up

For Honor is full of different kinds of armor each of which gives you a different kind of resistance. Each armor has statistics that you can augment in the player menu. The same applies to block damage resistance. Block damage will mostly come as a chest statistics and any improvements to this region will give you better endurance.

If you want to up your For Honor parrying skills and generally breeze through the game and multiplayer opposition easier, your will have to understand the For Honor gear stats. Skill without the right gear can only take you so far. It is up to you to do the necessary upgrades that will make you a formidable fighter as you struggle to reign supreme among Apollyon’s wolves.