How to Mount in Monster Hunter World

Mounting a monster in Monster Hunter World is trickier than we would want it to be since you have to subdue the monster first. The monster you are trying to tame will attack you first. This means that you’ll need all the help you can get if you are to successful tame and mount even the easiest creature in Monster Hunter World.

This Monster hunter world mounting guide gives you a quick and easy way of succeeding in the mounting process.

Getting onto the Monster

Attacking a monster you’ve already jumped onto is more efficient. You have to lure them to move closer to increase your chances of successfully jumping on. The success of this mission is determined by efficiency in two stages:

  • Getting on the monster
  • Dealing it a fatal to attack

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You have several options for getting onto the monster. Here are the three most common ways:

Sliding downhill and launching at the monster

To start with, you have to climb a hill and lure the creature closer. In this technique, you should be in a position to act as fast as possible whenever the monster approaches the hill’s edge. But don’t expect an easy encounter; the beast will try to destroy the hill and it takes great luck to correctly slide onto the creature.

Leaping from a raised ground onto the monster

Monster hunter world how to mount by leaping from raised surfaces is a common strategy. With your sword and shield in position, identify a raised surface like a cliff or rocky area. Then, slowly leap forward to the creature targeting its head, back, or tail. Like sliding from a ledge, this strategy needs caution as the titan can make the first attack move and mete out massive damage on you. Thus, be ready to press the attack button as soon as you are on the target.

how to mount a beast in monster hunter world

Leaping off the vines

The good thing about Monster Hunter World is that the battleground is surrounded by tendrils and vines. This environment not only offers you a perfect hiding place, but also the best position of launching a mounting. Monster hunter world how to mount with sword and shield in this environment involves proper strategy on when to jump onto the beast. In addition, have an accurate target before leaping off.

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As can be seen in the above how to mount monster hunter world tips, a successful jump onto the beast gives you half victory over your opponent. This is because you’re in a position to attack using your sword. However, keep in mind these points during this mechanical process:

  • Striking your opponent from the air gives players an edge in successful mounting. Needless to say, a strike weakens the monster before mounting
  • The battle environment determines the intensity of attack from your opponent. For instance, when on a hillside, they will try to bring the rock and surfaces you climb making the fight more precarious

The critical point to remember is to not allow the monster to bring you down after mounting it. Use your shield and sword to continuously attack the beast continuously by targeting its weakest point. The common weak point is the back.


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