How to Make H1Z1 Windowed

Surviving H1Z1 in full screen mode is definitely more interesting. However, there are times when you would want to play the game in Windowed Mode. This could be to improve your FPS, play the game on your secondary screen or just because you want to. Here is how to activate the H1Z1 windowed mode.

There’s no Windowed Mode Button

Here’s How to Make H1Z1 Windowed

While most games let you enter windowed mode at the click of a button, H1Z1 will give you a run for your survival time by forcing you to edit the .ini file.How to Make H1Z1 Windowed

Here is how to access the .ini file and modify it to activate the H1Z1 windowed mode

  • Navigate to SteamApps\common\H1Z1\
  • Look for UserOptions.ini
  • Open it with notepad or notepad++
  • Look for these figures
    • FullscreenWidth=1920
    • FullscreenHeight=1080
    • Mode=Fullscreen
    • FullscreenMode=Fullscreen
  • Change Fullscreenmode and Mode to
    • Mode=WindowedFullscreen
    • FullscreenMode=Windowed

Save the file and relaunch the game to enjoy your full screen mode.

You can always right-click on the UserOptions.ini, launch properties and set the file to read-only to avoid unnecessary edits that could overwrite your changes.