How to Make Beer in BDO

Do you want an established empire, with workers who don’t slack on the job? Well. No one does in the highly competitive Black Desert Online World. You need some form of food to keep your worker’s energy levels up.

Beer is the perfect solution for Velians. Beer is not only easy to make but also the perfect way to take the edge off after a long day’s work.

This explains why veteran or upcoming BDO players always want to keep a steady supply of beer. Here’s a complete guide to gathering necessary ingredients and making the perfect Black Desert beer for your workers.

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Black Desert Online Beer Recipe & Ingredients

  • Cereals x5 (oat, barley, corn, wheat, potato)
  • Water x6 (30 Silver)
  • Sugar (20 Silver)
  • Leavening agent x2 (20 Silver)
  • A cooking utensil

Note that you can gather these ingredients and brew your beer even on skill level 1. However, a higher skill level lets you use less material or effort to make more beer.

Moving around Your Ingredients

BDO beer brewing is a bit forgiving since it gives you opportunity to substitute the ingredients you don’t have with something else. For instance, you can replace five potatoes or grain with two high quality or one top quality ingredient

Tips to gathering Black Desert Beer Materials Faster

In black desert online beer, the only material you need to gather yourself are the grains, such as wheat, corn, and potato. Everything can be bought from cooking vendors in any major city except the plants. Gathering or farming grain can be time consuming. You’ll be better off letting a few workers gather the grain for you.

Don’t forget to leverage the two corn nodes you will find in Toscani Farm. They will supply you will the grain you need for your beer for a long time.

In Velia,  go to the Inn at the town center and find Chef Finto. Other materials can be obtained from a Tavern vendor which are found near taverns the cities.

Once you have all the ingredients, it is time to settle down, set up a brewery and start churning out that BDO beer.

Get a Residence and Set Up the Brewery

The catch here is you will need a house/residence to set up shop. Get a house close to a cooking vendor. This will make gathering additional ingredients easier.

Once you’ve set up your residence, you can place your cooking utensils in and add in the ingredients in the exact proportions indicated in the ingredients list. You don’t have to worry about a BDO beer recipe. Adding the ingredients to the cooking utensil is enough.

Be sure to use the exact ingredient amounts as any extras will go to waste.

To make more beer, select continuous production and set a maximum quantity. Your little BDO brewery will keep churning out beer until you run out of ingredients or beer.

BDO: How to Make Beer Investments

You can earn contribution points in the surrounding nodes so as to get the required plants and material faster when you or your workers go out farming for more ingredients. Some of the farms you can invest in are:

  • Loggia Farm Potato Farming (4 CP)
  • Bartali Farm Potato Farming (4 CP)
  • Finto Farm Potato Farming (4 CP)
  • Toscani Farm Corn Farming x2 (6 CP)

How to Make Beer in BDO Video Guide

Black Desert Online Beer Control & Uses

  • Using Beer on a worker the beer requires to be in your inventory.
  • The beer should not be in warehouse storage.
  • Pressing ‘M’  opens the map then clicking the “worker list” button in the bottom right corner of your screen resembling an axe with a goblin face over it.
  • On the right side of a worker on the screen there is the top button, “Recover”, which allows you to feed workers.
  • Click Recover and right click the beer item to feed to your worker one beer.
  • Shift-right clicking beer will feed beers from your inventory to get them to full Action Points.
  • However don’t get the workers drunk as they might get drunk and refuse to work.