How to Leave a Fire Team in Destiny 2

Since the release of the second installment of this immersive online multiplayer shooter video game, the fan base and the actual number of hours put into the game has been on the rise. Needless to say, increased gameplay has led to more player dilemmas and complications that we at GameCMD seek to solve on daily basis.

One of the major problems facing players of Destiny 2 is the lack of a short and precise way of leaving the game’s fire team setting.

Since each type of gaming console has different features and layouts, the instructions will be different for each type of console. Here is how to do it on PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. Note that the instructions also vary depending on the current mode of gameplay (at the tower versus in orbit).

How to leave a fire team in Destiny 2 for Play Station 3 and 4;

At the Tower

Hit the Select button on your PS 3 controller. If you are on PS4, this will be the Triangle Button on your controller

This will pop a list of options will be displayed and among them is the option of leaving a fire team. You can then select the option to leave his/her fire team.

destiny 2 leave fire team in orbit

By Going to Orbit

Each fire team has a leader who has the responsibility of guiding his teammates. If one player decides to exit the team they can, all they have to do is try to go into orbit as long as they are not the leader they will be removed from the fire team.

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If you are the leader and want to exit the fire team, you first have to promote someone else to your position. You can do this by selecting a name from the roster (fire team list) and select Promote. The next step is to now go to orbit and the game automatically drops you out of the team.

Leaving a Fire Team on PC

This is often the hardest maneuver while playing Destiny 2 on a PC. This is partly due to the fact that there aren’t any dedicated keys for such features.

In order to leave a fire team while playing, simply press the ‘Tab’ key once followed by holding O.

Note that this only works if you are not in Orbit mode. Hopefully, the game developer (Bungie) will take measures to eliminate this annoying limitation.

Leaving a Fire Team on Xbox One

In order to exit the fire team mode:

  • Press the menu button on the Xbox controller.
  • You will then be prompted to long press/press and hold the button again.
  • After this, the screen fades to black and the player is immediately returned to his/her ship.

The above tips and hacks will enable you, the player, to easily navigate your way out of the toughest stage of Destiny 2. Hopefully, your experience of playing this wonderful futuristic first-person shooter game improves sevenfold.

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