How to Get Super Saiyan in Xenoverse 2

In the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse game, going Super Saiyan was a matter of trial and error. However, in Xenoverse 2, it’s a different ball game. You can easily go Super Saiyan if you are familiar with the steps. The game purists will, however, argue that this robs the game the parallel quests and the element of luck.

It is still debatable since others prefer the systematic acquisition of powers as opposed to the randomness of before. There is an additional transformation of Super Saiyan 3. Unlike in the previous versions, Xenoverse 2 gives you the benefit of the Super Saiyan’s longevity. However, it comes with a slight compromise of the abilities of some of the game’s characters.

Unlocking Super Saiyan

Before going on, ensure that your character is a Saiyan as only Saiyans can unlock the extra quests needed to go Super Saiyan. You will get these extra quests from Vegeta. In this case, you will not interact with the popular Vegeta as an instructor but from the Capsule Corporation location.

how to get super saiyan xenoverse 2

There is the express requirement of attaining level forty/complete Cell saga. After which Vegeta offers a second training mission. Upon completion, you get a fresh mission that results to unlocking of Super Saiyan.

Just like in the movies, Vegeta offers his opinion on your transformation. He will note that “you have not transformed yet” and requests for the talk with his family over your new powers.

Conversations are still a staple in the game. You have to hold conversations with the various characters from Bulma, Kid Trunks and Vegeta.

  • Chat with the Bulma that you will find in the Capsule Corporation
  • You will also find some Kid Trunks in the area. Talk to them too
  • After this, head back to Vegeta to unlock the Saiyan Awakening mission

What the Saiyan Awakening Mission Involves

The Saiyan Awakening mission pits you against the Super Saiyan forms of both Vegeta and Goku. You will start off in your normal form but can temporarily go Super Saiyan later in the fight. You will retain this temporary transformation for as long as the mission lasts.

Mission outcomes:

Upon completion, the Super Saiyan transformation is transformation is unlocked.

How to Use the Super Saiyan

There are several transformations depending on Ki bars you obtain. Even though you still have to put the Super Saiyan in an Awoken skill slot, the biggest advantage is you no longer need to distinctly unlock each stage.

Each Super Saiyan level is depended on the Ki bars.

  • 5 Ki bars and above (which is no mean feat) gives the Super Saiyan 3.
  • Super Saiyan 2requires a minimum of 4 bars.
  • The first level of Super Saiyan needs 3 Ki bars to activate.

There is a slight difference in the use of the Ki bars compared to earlier games. While the utilization of Ki bars to bring about transformation, the rate of draining of Ki bars is always a key issue in the success of a gamer. In this case, the Ki bars are reportedly draining faster than in the previous game versions. The upside remains the inability to fall out of transformation.

You will need an Energy Charge capability to keep your Ki bars levels up hence maintaining your transformation for longer.