How to Get Shotgun Resident Evil 7

Shotguns are great close proximity weapons. Their simple point and shoot approach coupled with the massive damage value make them a great ally when surrounded by a mindless hoard of zombies. This is what makes the Resident Evil 7 shotgun such a valuable weapon.

The sooner you get the shotgun the easier your fights will be. Here is how to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 7.

The shotgun we want to take at the end of this quest is one on the first floor statue’s hands. If you’ve noticed anything, picking the shotgun activates a pressure plate that locks you in. This guide is going to teach you how to beat this using a broken shotgun found in Grandma’s room.

How to Get Shotgun Resident Evil 7The shotgun procurement procedure is multifaceted. You will have to accomplish different goals before you can finally land your hands on the Resident Evil 7 shotgun.

  1. Get the scorpion key
  2. Navigating the basement
  3. Getting the actual shotgun

How to Get the Scorpion Key

You can get the Scorpion Key very early in the game after you meet Jack in the garage. You will have to solve the projector puzzle using the wooden statuette before heading into the basement to search for the key.

Navigating the Basement

Begin in the safe room. It is to the right of the stairs leading down from the processing area. Take the stairs heading down to the basement and follow the path that goes into the incinerator room.

Follow the room to the right and through a hole in the wall. Once in the room, you can go around looking for collectibles. You will find a treasure photo on the shelves, a lock pick from the freezer and a green herb from the meat cage.

There’s a bag of meat in the middle of the room. This bag contains your Scorpion Key.

Getting the Broken Shotgun

You will have to use the Scorpion Key to unlock Grandma’s room. The room is on the uppermost level of the room, in the left most corner that faces away from the dual staircase.

Once you fully scavenge the room, you will get:

  • A broken shotgun
  • Some dentures in a drawer
  • A note on the desk outlining dog’s heads locations
  • Burner fuel
  • Handgun ammo in the wardrobe
  • Chem fluid
  • Shotgun shells on the bed
  • A note from grandma’s doctor

broken shotgun in grandma's room

You will have to prioritize to avoid filling up your inventory with things you don’t need. The dentures are a good thing to ignore.

Once you’ve gathered what you need, sneak to the first floor avoiding Jack as much as you can. There’s a shotgun statue there. Pick up the shotgun it’s holding. This is the working shotgun. This will trigger the door behind you to lock. Place the broken shotgun on the statue to open the door and leave.

Shotgun Quest Walkthrough