How to Get Cosmog in Pokemon Ultra Moon

The Pokemon gaming franchise is among some of the world’s most exciting video games. Players can engage in different adventures and get to explore characters with different special powers. In particular, Pokemon Ultra Moon lets you enjoy exhilarating adventures such as capturing Cosmog. While the Cosmog is a Pokemon character with relatively limited powers, capturing it is essential.

The Cosmog has several special powers that can you take of advantage of in the game. For instance, the Cosmog has the ability to warp itself and any item in close proximity. Additionally, the Cosmog can produce Ultra Wormholes, although this can deplete its power reserves. Here’s how to get Cosmog in Ultra Moon:

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: How to Get Cosmog

  1. The first step is to capture Lunala or Solgaleo. You have to visit the altar during the day and go through the wormhole. This is contrary to Pokemon Ultra Sun requires that you visit the altar at night.
  2. Once you get to the wormhole, you will come across four different options. The first is to Return to the Ultra Wormhole, Go to the reverse world, Go to UltraMegalopolis and Quit.
  3. Choose the option “Go to the reverse world.” The wormhole at the altar has a similar appearance in both Pokemon Sun and Moon
  4. You then have to travel to the lake of Moon or Sun. Keep on traveling straight until you come across an altar
  5. At the altar, you will come across Cosmog. Following this, you will have to choose whether you want Cosmog or not.
  6. Then, you have to accept the offer and add the Cosmog character into your repertoire

cosmog pokemon ultra moon

Tips to consider

  • You can train your Cosmog to evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala
  • Ensure that you have access to your special power and abilities
  • For those who want to access Ultra moon how to get second Cosmog, you just have to repeat the same process for both worlds. You will have to register the second Cosmog in your party for future access.

Capturing a Cosmog in Pokemon is relatively simple provided you have the right information. Even though the procedure is slightly different for both the Sun and Moon worlds, capturing the Cosmog in both of these worlds lets you gain access to the second Cosmog. You can also register your Cosmog to the party and evolve it into an advanced Pokemon such as Solgaleo.