How to Get Adhesive in Fallout 4

Adhesive is a substance that modifies weapons among other in-game items by sticking them together and forming a bond. If you are an avid creator of adhesives, then you already understand that adhesives are very efficient in terms of yield per weight, with the best producing up to 40 yields per weight whereas the least yields up to 7 times the adhesive value. Adhesives can also be used to create settlements. Fallout 4 adhesive does not exist freely in the world but is formed by scraping off certain items such as duct tape, Wonderglue, vegetable starch among many others.

Fallout 4 Adhesive Locations

The pure form of adhesive is quite elusive hence it is best opted to simply use its ready-made products.  Adhesive products can be found in red tool boxes or tool chests found freely within the world.fallout 4 adhesive

How to make your own adhesive in Fallout 4

Make your own adhesive using any of these products

Item Fallout 4 adhesive code/ID (Quantity yielded) Weight Value (Yield per Weight)
Adhesive 1 0.1 10
Shipment of 25 units 25 0.0 Infinite
Shipment of 50 units 50 0.0 Infinite
Duct tape 1 0.1 10
Pack of duct tape 4 0.1 40
Wonderglue 2 0.1 20
Military grade duct tape 4 0.1 40
Sealed wonderglue 4 0.1 40
Vegetable starch 5 0.5 10
Economy wonderglue 5 0.7 7.14


The crafting process

Item → Workshop (such as a Cooking Station) → Adhesive Value

Fallout 4 adhesive farming

Vegetable starch is easily created at any cooking station using 3 corns (1 corn = 6 caps), 3 multifruit (8 caps), 3 tato (7 caps) and 1 bottle of purified water (20 caps).

The vegetable starch ingredients can be obtained by farming and water purifier. The farms are readily available in settlements where there is plentiful land and water, such as the Spectacle Island.

Shipment of adhesive fallout 4

You may also purchase adhesive through shipments of 25 units for a starting price of 1000 caps, the equivalent of 40 caps for every 1 adhesive (1000 ÷ 25 = 40). You can buy the shipments of adhesive units from any of these merchants:

  • Far Harbor Cog at Acadia
  • Penny Fitzgerald in Covenant
  • Myrna in Diamond City Market
  • Daisy in Goodneighbor
  • Far Harbor Sister Mai at the Nucleus
  • Brother Ogden the Crater of Atom

How to Get Unlimited Adhesive in Fallout 4