How to Follow the Freedom Trail in Fallout 4

If you love Fallout 4, then you know there is no better way to enjoy the game than to ace those missions. The road to Freedom is a mission that leads to the tourist spot known as The Freedom Trail. There are different places from which you can access the mission, such as the Diamond City and Good Neighbor. When you finally access the mission, the objective appears as “Follow the Freedom Trail” which requires you to proceed to Boston Common where you will find the beginning of the trail. You will also need to probe to the tour bot for more information concerning your mission.

While you begin your walk, you will notice a narrow brick road with red trails connecting the different locations. Over 200 years of the wreckage by vehicles and walls has worn out sections of the red trail. You are about to travel to a place full f marked seals where you will execute your mission. Follow the trail to lead you to Bostonian relics. Each of the historical sites has a Freedom Trail seal marked with a letter label and a number inscribed in red paint.Fallout 4 How to Follow the Freedom Trailthe road to freedom trail walkthrough

To the right of the tour bot at Boston Common, you will see the first seal marked 7A. In front of Massachusetts State House is the second seal marked 4L. The third seal is labeled 2A and is located at the front opening of Old Granary burying ground. 6O is the fourth seal located at the Old State House from pre-War Boston’s perspective near Goodneighbor’s opening. The fifth seal labeled 3L is located to the front of Old Corner Bookstore. 5R is the sixth seal is located at Faneuil Hall. At the front opening of Paul Revere House is the seventh seal marked 8D. The eighth seal labeled 1R can be found at the opening of Old North Church which is located at the end of the trail.

It is possible to skip the entire trail altogether by discovering the straightforward route to Old North Church.

Once inside the Old North Church, your single-most interest is to find your way to the catacombs, but not before killing ghouls. To find you way, follow the light emitted by the lantern painting. Once you get to the end of the catacombs, you will get to yet another Freedom Trail with a spinning ring which resembles that which you saw on the eighth seal. You must open this seal to proceed with the quest to find your Road to Freedom.

  • Steps to opening the seal:
  • Turn the outer wheel clockwise
  • Counterpoise to position the letters in line with the arrow
  • Press the center to spell the required letters
  • Spell the word “RAILROAD” each letter at a time to unlock the secret doorhow to walk the freedom trail

Make a Pact With the Railroads

Once the door is unlocked, you will walk into a spotlight lit room with Desdemona, leader of the railroad, waiting for you. Beside him on both sides are two of his followers, Drummer Boy, and Glory who cock their guns ready to open to fire on you. You need, however, to speak candidly to prevent your fate. You have four options; to probe them as to whom they are, to inform them who you are, to force them to lay low their weapons, or to ask for a peace truce by indicating that you are not an enemy.

Speak and inform them that whatever they will do cannot change your relationship with them. As you converse with them, a fourth man enters- Deacon. Deacon is not an enemy so no need to make any defense. Deacon will notify you of two of your major accomplishments in the Commonwealth. After Deacon is done speaking to you, Desdemona will as you a few questions: If you know what a synth is, if you would risk your life to save them in their plight, and why you came to the Railroads. Whatever answer you choose, the mission closes.

Bugs and fixes in Fallout 4: Road to Freedom


Game freeze is common while you attempt to enter certain buildings in Boston Common such as the Old North Church. Try typing “coc OldNorthChurch01” to teleport you to your final destination past the entrance to the Railroad. The command “tcl” is the way to go through and open the door to the Railroad.

In PC and Xbox

After unlocking the door and walking in, the four conversation option fail to appear, making it impossible to converse with Desdemona. The only option you have is to kill them all for you to gain access to Railroad headquarters.

In PC and PlayStation

At the first approach, you may find that Desdemona and his cohorts are very hostile towards you and even making your enemies with the railroads. The only option you have is to fight back and overcoming them will cause your mission to exit.

How to Find the Railroad (Freedom Trail Location)