How to Find Xenoblade 2 Rare Blades

Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 spice up the game by creating their individual quests and mini story segments. To increase the chances of finding them faster, you need to increase your Idea Levels and as well as Luck. Collect all the Rare Blades to transfer those that are less ideal Drivers to your characters of your choice. That makes up the ultimate Xenoblade 2 rare blades guide.xenoblade 2 rare blades

Raising your Idea Levels

There are four fragments that constitute Idea Levels: Justice, Compassion, Truth, and Bravery. Increasing your stats on any of the four boosts your likelihood of finding Rare Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You may also use Boosters to temporarily raise your Stats.

Justice Boosts your chances of getting Dark and Light Blades
Compassion Boosts your chances of getting Earth and Lighting Blades
Bravery Boosts your chances of getting Fire and Water Blades
Truth Boosts your chances of getting Ice and Wind Blades

How to Find and Earn Your Rare Blades

The main goal is to ensure that your total Idea Level is as high as possible, you’ll receive Rare Blades before you know it. Boosters temporarily raise your possibilities of finding a specific Rare Blade which corresponds to the elements in the inflated stats.

To earn Idea points, simply fill out the Blade Affinity Charts. The charts require you to fill in with different elements that correspond to the type of blade you seek.

Each Blade has unique Idea Points Be keen to observe the icons in the Affinity Chart to guide you in raising your stats. There is a workaround that I have found easier for me when it comes to filling Idea Blades: take several Common Blades and use them to tackle Merc Missions. Common Blades have fewer requirements and hence can earn Idea Points more quickly. After the mission, they have the chance to fill out some of the requirements in the Affinity Charts. It works for me, you should try it!

Raising your Luck Stat

The discovery of Rare Blades increases with the increase in the luck stat. To boost luck stat, use accessories that appear in shops after you raise your development ratings with Titans.

Levelling up your Drivers also radically increases the base Luck, so wait until you raise your level before opening your Core Crystals. Always check your Driver’s Affinity Charts for any luck boosters, and if any, save their Skill Points until they reach the minimum required.