How to Find the Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth

Monster Hunter World is all about crafting. This means that crafting material like Warped Bone and Sinister Cloth are some of the most important things you can ever stumble upon in the game. While most items in the game can be found by harvesting monsters in the MHW environment, the only way to get the Sinister Cloth is by doing the Tailrider Safari side quests.

How to Enter the Tailrider Safari Quest

When you are about to beat Monster Hunter World, you will unlock a set of new features. The one we are interested in is the Tailrider Safari side quest. You can find these by speaking to Palico, your to find monster hunter sinister cloth

These side quest will let you sent your Palicos on their own hunting and exploration expeditions. When they come back from scavenging, they will deliver a wide range of items and one of these could be the Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth you so much desire.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Sinister Cloth

Getting the Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World is pure luck. There is little you can do to increase the possibility of landing this much-coveted material. Here are simple tips to better your chances

  • Play the game so that you can near the end and unlock the Tailrider Safari quests
  • Send out your best Palico on the side quests. You can see Palico capabilities by checking out their stats
  • Get your best Palico to go on Tailrider Safari quests with the highest rankings more often. Higher ranked quests give better rewards hence increasing your chances of landing the Sinister Cloth

death stench armor from monster hunter world sinister clothHow to Use the Sinister Cloth

You can use your Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth to fashion a very powerful armor called the Death Stench set. This armor gives you very high defense stats and also looks great on you.