How to Farm Rare Core Crystals in Xenoblade 2

Farming for rare crystal cores in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can be a much lucrative endeavor. To best figure out the how to go about it, let us first address the variables involved. First, choose the monster you want to farm from. Depending on the level you are in the game, there are different monsters you can farm core crystals from, so let us just hope you have mastered the skill of dealing with each of them to this point. Setting up your party ensures you have the best chances of coming across Core Crystal drops. This is especially necessary if you lack the immensely necessary Blade with the Treasure Sensor Field Skill.

Farming Rare Crystals – The Smash Driver Combo

Your chances of finding Core Crystals increase when you make use of a special combat mechanic. However, you need to finish a full Driver Combo in battle and are far more likely to see the Core Crystals drop with this strategy. What is more? It even increases the drop rate of Rare and Legendary Core crystals. Needless to say, the Driver Combos strategy is a sure hack!

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There is an upside to things. If you want to conquer on Driver Combo, you must make sure you perform all the necessary duties that pertain the challenge. That means breaking the enemy’s guard, toppling them, launching them into the air and smashing them back to the ground, you get the hang of it. You must fail at no point, otherwise, all you gameplay to this far is rendered useless.

  1. Buy 99 cylinders and disengage “Salvage Mastery” skill for all equipped blades- use the Level 4 Treasure Censored Blade
  2. Head to the Salvage Point and using the cylinders you bought, fail at every QTE prompt.
  3. The goal is to get more monsters spawning on you so that you can use the Smash Driver Combo.
  4. Once you execute the Smash Driver Combo on the monsters, they drop 2 Common and 2 Rare Crystals per each kill.

Overkill Chain Attack

Very closely linked to the first strategy, purchase 99 cylinders and disengage ‘Salvage Mastery’ skill for your equipped blades. Ensure that you fail all the QTE prompts.

Rare Crystal Farming – Kill the Hermit Crabs

Killing the Small Hermit Crabs gives you a Common Core Crystals.

To get a Rare Core Crystal, you need to initially charge your Chain Attack Gauge by killing spawning monsters. Once that is done, killing any Small Hermit Crab spawning you automatically generate for you a Rare Crystal.