How to Duel in Red Dead Redemption

It would not be the Wild West without fast-paced adrenaline-induced dueling and the developers of Red Dead Redemption acknowledged this by adding the Gunslinger Quest which offers cool dueling scenarios with unique mechanics to master. Duels in Red Dead Redemption are a multi-part process though, and you will need to find the Gunslinger locations in the first place which can be daunting for some players.

In this guide, we will highlight all the gunslinger locations, how to identify the gunslingers and finally how to duel in Red Dead Redemption 2, letting you live out your Wild West fantasies to the fullest

How to Duel in Red Dead Redemption

Knowing how to duel is going to be an invaluable tool, not just for the gunslinger quest, but for some other encounters along your journey too.

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The three basics in a Red Dead Redemption 2 duel drawing, aiming and finally shooting.

The Draw

When the camera pans and frames itself behind your hip and your hand hovers to your holster, you are now in the draw stage. Hold R2/RT lightly compressed to charge up the meter at the bottom right of your screen. The heavier you hold it, the faster the draw meter fills and ideally you want to fill the whole thing.


Once the Draw meter fills, you will then enter the ‘aim’ stage. Keeping R2/RT slightly compressed, time will slow down and you can move the aiming reticle to their head or chest if you want to deliver a fatal shot or to their hand to disarm (only used in specific instances).


With your shot perfectly lined up, fully press R2/RT to draw your sidearm and fire.

So, the mechanic is; lightly press R2/RT until the bar fully charges, then in the following slow-motion wind-up, aim and fully press R2/RT to fire.

red dead redemption 2 duel

Launching the Gunslingers Mission

If you haven’t already started the mission, just head over to Valentine at any point after completing setting up camp and reaching Chapter 2. From here, you will want to head over to the smaller saloon on the east side of the town and find a stranger named Theodore Levin. He is at the bar getting hammered with a gunslinger passed out with him.

Accepting the Gunslinger quest from Levin gives you the photographs of four Gunslingers, your targets, and they are; Flaco Hernandez, Emmet Granger, Billy Midnight and Black Belle. You’re tasked with talking to them about the unconscious gunslinger’s past but as their titles suggest, they are usually not much for talking.

Flaco Hernandez

Hernandez is located in the north-west corner of the map by Cairn Lake. He is just south-east of Colter where your story began but for him to spawn, alongside his crew; you will need to trigger that by inspecting his photo. Simply navigate to the Documents tab of the satchel and select his photograph, flip it over and his location will be marked on the map.

Emmet Granger

Granger is located way out south, just by the Flatneck Station. He does not have a crew and you can approach him peacefully. However, he will demand a short quest before he can say anything about Calloway, the drunken gunslinger. It is a rather…unique task that involves you to clean out his pigsty by shoveling poo and picking up three mounds of poo that are helpfully marked on your map.

Once done with the duties, there is another cut-scene and you’re supposed to place dynamite into a nearby mound of poo for the duel to commence.

Billy Midnight

Once you read his picture, Rhodes Railway Station will be marked on the Map, not far away from where you had to deal with Granger. Talk to the clerk who will ask you to wait outside for the train and see if Billy Midnight is on board. Do as instructed and enter the train when it arrives. Midnight is located in the bar at the back of the train.

Chase him down, for he will bolt when he sees you, and have a scenic duel on the roof of the train.

Black Belle

She is thankfully not too far away from Midnight and so just read her photograph and head over to the area marked on your map. A cut-scene will commence where you’re supposed to help belle fend off an assault from bounty hunters. You do not have to kill her though.

Note: For all the gunslingers, you will need to take their photographs as proof; the first three after you kill them, but Betty Belle will pose for hers. Also, don’t forget to pick up their guns, well except Belle’s of course.

There is a fifth Gunslinger, Slim Grant, but his event will only be triggered once you successfully complete A Fine Night of Debauchery in Chapter 4.

Slim Grant

After completing A Fine Night of Debauchery, head back to Valentine and speak with the barkeep. Ask for Levin and Calloway and he will inform you that they left for Saint Denis. Head over there and talk to Theodore and Calloway there where they will send you off to find Slim Grant, a gunslinger-turned-State Marshall. He is located in the Sherriff’s office in Annesburg on the North-Easter Coast.

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The deputy there informs you that Grant went off on a bandit-hunt, only he’s been missing for days. Go west from the town to the marked bandit camp on your map and you will find him tied up there. Kill his captors, place him on the back of your horse and deliver him to the waypoint to Calloway and Levin where a cut-scene will unfold and you will have your final duel.

Hopefully, this guide on How to Duel in Red Dead Redemption 2 plays its part in helping you conquer the Wild West. For other gaming guides, tips, tricks and hacks, check out our other pieces. Have fun.