How to Crouch Jump in PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) still remains to be one of the best Battle Royale games of 2018. Regular scope updates and overall updates are making the title even more attractive to its massive following. Since you’ll be playing against real people, you’ll be better off if you knew how to pull those tiny moves that give you an edge over your opponents and make your efforts to achieve the best PUBG graphics worthwhile. Here is how to crouch jump in to crouch jump in pubg

Why Bother with Crouch Jumping in PUBG

Crouch jumping is a powerful move set that not only lets you access places you couldn’t with a single jump but also lets you jump through windows like a pro. This is one of the reasons why the PUBG community refers to it as the window jump key bind.

Crouch Jump Key Bind (No Longer Possible)

Before the vaulting patch went live, you could bind the entire procedure of crouch jumping to a single key. This usually gives you added advantage since it lets you use one key to do what other players would have done using two keys.

Since PUBG seems to be actively patching the loopholes that let you execute a crouch jump, it seems logical that you should perfect how to crouch jump in PUBG manually.

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The concept behind the move is simple. You have to crouch and simultaneously. If you are using the default keyboard settings:

  • Spacebar jumps
  • C crouches

You have to hit these two keys at a go. The easiest way to achieve this is to lay your left-hand thumb on both buttons at a go.

The knuckle of the thumb on Spacebar and the tip of your thumb on C.

It could take some training but this is by far the easiest combo possible without having to disrupt your other fingers and affect your in-game mobility.

If your left hand is dominant, chances are you use it on the mouse and have a custom inverted keyboard key bind. Most guys tend to bind Crouch to M or N. I would do the same since it is close to the space bar and will let you pull the move with your right hand.