How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch in the Car

Nintendo has always been my go-to whenever I want to feed my fetish for mobile gaming. While mobile devices might have rocked its boat for a moment, the fact that it connects to a TV and gets special game titles makes it an invincible partner in the living room, on the road and even in the Subway.

All this portability brings into perspective the question of charging the Switch while on the go. So how do you charge your Nintendo Switch in the Car?nintendo switch car charger

Charge Nintendo Switch in the Car – Your Options

The Nintendo Switch has a USB type-C port that it can use for charging as long as you feed it 5V at around 2.6A. 5 volts is easy to get in a car since your stereo’s USB port can generate this voltage albeit at a lower current. Technically, you can keep your Switch going for longer if you plug a USB type-C cable to the stereo and to your Switch.

However, it won’t juice up as fast as you want since the current is too low.

Enter the Nintendo Switch car charger.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger Review

Your official Nintendo Switch car charger plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter port (a 12V DC supply port) and adapts that power into something the Switch can consume. This will be 5V at around 2.6A.nintendo switch can charger specs

The charger resembles your regular in-car phone charger only that it has a USB Type-C connector and it pushes out more current than your regular phone charger.

While it is always advisable to use the official Nintendo Switch Car Charger Adapter, there are alternatives out there since the car charger specs are so easy to duplicate.

Either way, you can get a decent charger from Walmart, Amazon, Gamestop or best buy.

You can grab a copy of the official charger on Amazon using this link. It is the most reliable piece you will ever get and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues since Nintendo designed and manufactured it themselves.nintendo switch car charger buy

Pro Tip: You can also use the Nintendo Switch Car Charger to fast charge your phone as long as it has a USB Type-C port.

Can the Car Charger Charge my Joy-Cons too?

Yes. It can. As long as your joy-cons are hooked up to the Switch when you plug it in. You can check this guide on how to charge your Joy-Cons for more insight.

Most people get confused by the difference in power requirements between the Nintendo Switch Dock and the Switch itself.

In this case, all you will need is the 5V. Logic has it that you won’t be using the dock in your car. It isn’t so portable.