How to catch Solgaleo in Pokemon Ultra Sun

Being one of the best role-playing games ever released, Pokémon Ultra Sun guarantees a remarkable gaming experience. Gamers can engage in various interesting adventures and game plots. More so, the game also has exceptional graphics and audio content.

Among some of the most interesting adventures includes catching Solgaleo in Pokémon Ultra Sun.  You have to capture Solgaleo, because it has special abilities, and it will allow you to advance through the stages in the game.

More so, the capturing Solgaleo is a challenging process especially since it takes time to master your powers. However, you have access to an array of game characters to help you achieve this goal.  Furthermore, capturing Solgaleo lets you gain access to abilities such as a full metal body and the special “Sunsteel Strike.”

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How to Catch Shiny Solgaleo Ultra Sun

  1. Visit the Mahalo Trail
  2. Then, head on over to the bridge where you first met Lilly during the first stages of the game
  3. Upon reaching the top, you will come across Lillie standing next to Solgaleo.
  4. You then have to talk with Lillie, whereby she instructs you to engage in battle with Solgaleo. The goal of the battle is not to kill Solgaleo, but to get it to submit.
  5. The battle occurs on a bridge, and you have to use resources allocated to you to net Solgaleo. Engage it in battle until it becomes drowsy, and then release the Pokémon ball. Upon releasing the ball, it will automatically catch Solgaleo in Ultra Sun and trap him for your unique needs.
  6. Remember, you have to be keen on when it becomes drowsy and release the Pokémon Ball. If Solgaleo is not yet weak or drowsy enough, then he might be able to escape from the ball. As such, you will have to continue with battle up until he becomes weak enough for capture

solgaleo in pokemon ultra sun

Tips to Help You Catch Solgaleo

  • Use different characters, powers, and resources in the battle
  • Battle with Solgaleo until he becomes drowsy, and then release the Pokémon ball
  • Pay close attention to Solgaleo`s life bar and power bar. Paying attention to his health will make it easy to capture him, thereby reducing any likelihood of escape.

Catching Solgaleo is a straightforward and simple process. Pokemon Ultra Sun is a remarkable role-playing game, and with several adventures to explore. Pokemon ultra sun how to catch Solgaleo guarantees that you can continue enjoying the various adventures within the game. To catch Solgaleo, you have to battle with it until it gets weak.