How to Beat Metal Gear Survive Lord of Dust

According to Metal Gear Survive lore, the Lord of Dust is a Dread Dust creature made of self-replicating medical nanomachines. The self-replicating part of this description is enough to tell you that the Lord of Dust will be a formidable opponent. So how do you beat the Metal Gear Survive Lord of Dust?

This boss fight takes place in 3 waves and is always close to your home base. There is no timer in the waves and your only way to activate the next wave is by killing all the Wanderers thrown your way.How to Beat Metal Gear Survive Lord of Dust

Each wave you shrug off gives you additional defense options. This coupled with the fact that you are close to your base means that you can always break between waves to replenish your arsenals. Chris will come in hand during these battles and learn to count on what he supplies and only resort to your own supplies when things are dire.

Lord of Dust Boss Fight – Wave 1

This wave consists of Bombers and Wanderers. Chris will give you 2 layers of fences, some spike barricades and 3 turrets. Use the turrets to shoot the Bomber bodies. These will explode over the Wanderers and take down most of them. To increase your kill rates, use lures to make the Wanderers group up and then explode the Bombers to take out more.

Lord of Dust Boss Fight – Wave 2

The second wave is harder than wave 1. You will be facing Bombers, Wanderers, and Mortars. The Mortars hold back till the very end of the wave hence you can still use the same trick you used in wave 1 above. Chris will give you 1 turret, 2 mortars, and fire plates. You can lure Wanderers onto the fire plates and let them burn to death hence saving the ammo. Only use your turret primarily to take out the Bombers and final Mortars wave.

Lord of Dust Boss Fight – Final Wave

The final wave is the most involving. You will be facing a charging hoard of seemingly endless Wanderers and some Bombers. At the very end would be some Trackers who come once you’re done dealing with the Wanderers and Bombers.

In this wave, you will have 4 turrets, very many spike barricades and 2 layers of fence. Use Lures to group Wanderers before exploding the bombers above them. Also ensure that you carefully take aim before shooting to save your ammo.

Staying frugal and using the most efficient and creative way to kill your enemy is the best way to beat the Lord of Dust. Don’t spray and pray and never overlook an opportunity to either hold off the attackers with pikes/fences or to kill a group by luring and exploding the Bombers.

Lord of Dust Boss Fight Walkthrough